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DescriptionPTC Thermistors, Overload Protection For Instrumentation
CompanyVishay Intertechnology
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Features, Applications

Fast response time for rapid protection Automatic resetting once overload is removed No contacts to burn out No thermal runaway Operates or AC voltage Small size and rugged construction; see Component Outline drawing.


Test and measuring instruments, such as oscilloscopes and digital multimeters, can be easily damaged if excessive voltages are applied across their input terminals. Simple and effective overload protection can be provided by connecting a high-voltage PTC thermistor in series with the instrument; see Typical connection of the PTC thermistor for digital multimeter protection drawing. Under normal conditions, the resistance of the PTC thermistor is low, so the test voltage will be measured by the instrument. Under an overload condition, the PTC thermistor will switch to its high-resistance state, absorbing the overload current and protecting the instrument. When the overload is removed, the PTC thermistor will return to its low-resistance state, ready to resume its protective function.

NON-TRIP CURRENT (RMS VALUE) 25 C (mA) 10 Note 1. These PTCs can handle maximum voltage without series resistance. TRIP CURRENT (RMS VALUE) 25 C (mA) 20 50 NOMINAL RESISTANCE C MAXIMUM(1) VOLTAGE (V) 600 INSULATION VOLTAGE (V) - >1000 CATALOG NUMBER

For dimensions, see Physical dimensions table. 170 For technical questions contact: Document Number: 29072 Revision: 10-Oct-03



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