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DescriptionPTC Thermistors For Overload And Overcurrent Protection
CompanyVishay Intertechnology
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Different voltages to be chosen in function of the application Available in three mechanical versions: naked discs leaded and coated taped, on reel (to diameter 12.5 mm) Wide range of trip and non-trip currents: from 4.5 A for the trip current Wide range of resistance: from 3 k Small ratio between trip and non-trip currents (It/Int at 25 C) High maximum inrush current Excellent long term behaviour, also in humidity Leaded parts withstand mechanical stresses and vibration UL approved PTCs are guaranteed to withstand severe test programmes including: long-life cycle tests (over 5000 trip cycles) long-life storage tests (3000 hours at 250 C) electrical cycle tests at low ambient temperatures or 0 C) damp-heat and water immersion tests overvoltage tests 200% of rated voltage. UL file E148885 according to XGPU2 standard UL1434.

PARAMETER Switch temperature; note 1 Maximum voltage; note Temperature range: Climatic category: Notes types, have a 155C switch temperature. types, have 120 C switch temperature. 3. Rated voltages are respectively: 48 V (AC or DC) 120 V (AC or DC) 230 V (AC or DC). 265 V (DC) V (DC) V (RMS) V (RMS) VALUE 140 UNIT C


Telecommunications Automotive systems Industrial electronics Consumer electronics Electronic data processing


These directly heated thermistors have a positive temperature coefficient and are primarily intended for overload protection. They consist of a naked disc or with two tinned brass or copper clad steel leads and coated.

All tape and reel specifications are in accordance with "IEC 60286-3".

VERY LOW VOLTAGE TYPES 20 V ELECTRICAL DATA AND ORDERING INFORMATION for 66. 5...4; max. voltage 20 V (ac or dc)(1)

LOW VOLTAGE TYPES 60 V ELECTRICAL DATA AND ORDERING INFORMATION for 66. 4/5/6...1; max. voltage 60 V (ac or dc)(1)

MAINS VOLTAGE TYPES 145 V ELECTRICAL DATA AND ORDERING INFORMATION for 66. 4/5/6...2; max. voltage 145 V (ac or dc)(1)

MAINS VOLTAGE TYPES 265 V ELECTRICAL DATA AND ORDERING INFORMATION for 66. 4/5/6...3; max. voltage 265 V (ac or dc)(1)


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