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Low On-Resistance: <75 W Fast Switching--tON: 16 ns High Off-Isolation--I D(off): ­10 pA Low Capacitance: 6 pF Low Insertion Loss

Low Error Voltage High-Speed Analog Circuit Performance Negligible "Off-Error," Excellent Accuracy Good Frequency Response Eliminates Additional Buffering

Analog Switches Choppers Sample-and-Hold Normally "On" Switches Current Limiters

The 2N5114 series consists of p-channel JFET analog switches designed to provide low on-resistance, good off-isolation, and fast switching. These JFETs are optimized for use in complementary switching applications with the Vishay Siliconix 2N4856A series. The 2N5114 series is available with JAN, JANTX, or JANTXV level processing, (see 2N5114 JAN series data sheet).

Gate-Drain Voltage. 30 V Gate-Source Voltage. 30 V Gate Current. ­50 mA Storage Temperature. to 200_C Operating Junction Temperature. to 200_C For applications information see AN104. Document Number: E, 04-Jun-01 Lead Temperature (1/16" from case for 10 sec.). 300_C Power Dissipationa. 500 mW Notes a. Derate 3 mW/_C above 25_C

Gate-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate-Source Cutoff Voltage Saturation Drain Currentb
Gate Reverse Current Gate Operating Currentc

Common-Source Forward Transconductancec Common-Source Output Conductancec Drain-Source On-Resistance Common-Source Input Capacitance Common-Source Reverse Transfer Capacitance Equivalent Input Noise Voltagec gfs gos rds(on) Ciss 4.5 VDS = 1 kHz nV/ mS W

Notes a. Typical values are for DESIGN AID ONLY, not guaranteed nor subject to production testing. b. Pulse test: v300 ms duty cycle v3%. c. This parameter not registered with JEDEC.

On-Resistance and Drain Current vs. Gate-Source Cutoff Voltage

200 rDS(on) ­ Drain-Source On-Resistance ( ) IDSS 160 rDS ­60 ­80 gfs ­ Forward Transconductance (mS) IDSS ­ Saturation Drain Current (mA) 15 gfs 12 gos 150 ­100

Forward Transconductance and Output Conductance vs. Gate-Source Cutoff Voltage


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