Details, datasheet, quote on part number: 730P605X9250
DescriptionFilm Capacitors High Frequency, Wrap-and-fill, Metallized Polypropylene
CompanyVishay Intertechnology
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Features, Applications

Film Capacitors High Frequency, Wrap-and-Fill, Metallized Polypropylene

Excellent AC performance Low Power dissipation Low dielectric absorption Close tolerance High stability

Operating Temperature: 85 C Voltage derating: + 105 C, 85 C rating ESR: 20 kHz to 100 kHz Capacitance Range: 10.0 F Capactiance Tolerance: DC Voltage Rating: 100 WVDC to 630 WVDC AC Voltage Rating: 70 Vrms to 275 Vrms, 400 Hz Dissipation Factor: 0.1 % maximum Measure all units C DC Voltage Test: % of rated voltage for 2 minutes AC Voltage Test: % of rated rms voltage 60 Hz for 15 seconds Insulation Resistance: Measured at 100 WVDC after a 2 minute charge. + 25 C: 200 000 Megohm - Microfarads 400 000 Megohm minimum. + 85 C: 10 000 Megohm - Microfarads 20 000 Megohm minimum. + 105 C: 1000 Megohm - Microfarads or 2000 Megohm minimum. Vibration Test (Condition B): No mechanical damage, short, open or intermittent circuits. AC Life Test: % of rated rms voltage 60 Hz for 1000 hours + 85 C. Maximum CAP 5 % Minimum % of initial limit Maximum % DC Life Test: % of rated voltage for 1000 hours + 85 C. No open or short circuits. No visible damage. Maximum CAP 1.0 % Minimum % of initial limit Maximum 0.12 % Humidity Test: 95 % relative humidity 40 C for 250 hours. No visible damage. Maximum CAP 1.0 % Minimum % of initial limit Maximum 0.12 %

Lead Pull: 5 pounds (2.3 kilograms) for one minute. No physical damage. Lead Bend: After three complete consecutive bends. No damage. Marking: Sprague trademark, type or part number, capacitance and voltage.

Solid Tinned Wire 0.032 [0.81] Nominal Dia. (No. 20 AWG)

* Leads to be within 0.062" [1.57 mm] of center line at egrees but not less than 0.031" [0.79 mm] from edge.


This is expressed in volts. X0 This is expressed in picofarads. The first two X9 digits are the significant figures. The third is X5 the number of zeros to follow. + 85 C, AC rms ratings for frequencies up to and including 400 Hz correspond to this table: WVDC RATED rms VOLTS Document Number: 42029 Revision: 07-Feb-07 For technical questions, contact: 27


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