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DescriptionWet Tantalum Capacitors With Epoxy End-Fill, Sintered Anode, TANTALEX® Capacitors Cecc 30202-013 Approved
CompanyVishay Intertechnology
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Features, Applications

Wet Tantalum Capacitors with Epoxy End-Fill, Sintered Anode, TANTALEX Capacitors CECC 30202-013 Approved


For 125C operation Very high CV per unit volume Long shelf life in excess of ten years Extremely low leakage current Epoxy end-filled for better shock and vibration performance

Operating Temperature: + 125C Capacitance Tolerance: 20% is standard; 10% and 5% available as specials. Capacitance Range: to 2200F Life Test: Capacitors are capable of withstanding a 2000 hour life test at a temperature 125C at the applicable rated DC working voltage.


Designed for industrial and telecommunications applications, offers higher microfarad value per unit volume than any other type. The epoxy resin end-fill construction also offers improved mechanical strength, outstanding resistance to temperature cycling, and trouble-free application when flow-soldering capacitors to printed circuit board.

This is expressed in picofarads. The first two digits are the significant figures. The third is the number of zeros to follow.

This is expressed in volts. See Ratings and Case To complete the three-digit block, zeros precede the Codes Table. voltage rating.

Packaging: The use of formed plastic trays for packaging these axial lead components is standard. Tape and reel is not recommended due to the unit weight.

Wet Tantalum Capacitors with Epoxy End-Fill, Sintered Anode TANTALEX Capacitors CECC 30202-013 Approved

Max. + 25C Max. IMP. 120 Hz (Ohms) Max. DCL (A) + 125C Max. CAPACITANCE CHANGE - 55C Max. RMS RIPPLE + 125C (mA)


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