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Part number790D
DescriptionResin-Molded, Radial-lead Solid Tantalum Capacitors
CompanyVishay Intertechnology
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Four case sizes precisely molded with a flame retardant epoxy resin Stand off on all case sizes Available on tape for automatic insertion equipment (only A- and B-case, C-and D-case on request). Low leakage current

790D MODEL 157 CAPACITANCE Expressed in picofarads. First two digits are significant figures. Third digit is the number of zeros to follow. 790D = Standard and Extended Range X0 CAPACITANCE TOLERANCE X9 DC VOLTAGE RATING + 85C Expressed in volts. To complete the three-digit block, zeros precede the voltage rating. A decimal point is indicated by an "R" = 6.3 Volts) R CASE CODE See Ratings and Case Codes Table. 2 STYLE NUMBER Insulated Case (Standard) P PACKAGING

See Taping Specification B : Bulk G : Ammopack H : Ammopack I : Ammopack Shouldered Leads (A case) X : Reel Pack Y : Reel Pack Z : Reel Pack Shouldered Leads (A case)

CASE CODE *Non preferred configuration on request only Document Number 42072 Revision 26-Mar-02 REEL X/Y AMMO G/H BULK B

RATED VOLATAGE 40V 50V CATEGORY VOLTAGE +125C 4.0V Std. Ext. 6.3V Std. Ext. 10V Std. Ext. 13V Std. Ext. 16V Std. Ext. 23V Std. Ext. Std. A 25V Ext. 32V Std. A Ext.


Extended Ratings in bold print. (*)Insert 0 for 20% tolerance or 9 for 10% (#)See order information, packaging code

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