Details, datasheet, quote on part number: 94SS227X06R3EBP
DescriptionMiniaturized Version of Types 94SA, 94SC, 94SL
CompanyVishay Intertechnology
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Features, Applications

Solid Aluminum Capacitors With Organic Semiconductor Electrolyte

Miniaturized version of Types 94SL. 94SS capacitors are used where a compact design is needed for switching supplies, etc.

*Part Numbers shown are for 20% capacitance tolerance 94SS106X0016_ _ Part Number is complete with Case Code and 2 character Package or Process Code. BP as shown indicates Bulk Pack. Document Number: 90008 Revision 23-May-01 For technical questions, contact 19

Mark = Ideal Lead Position C = The Middle Point of A-A'

ITEMS 1. Operating Temperature Range 2. Capacitance Tolerance 120Hz 3. Tangent of Loss Angle (tan 120Hz 4. Maximum Leakage Current (A/2 minutes)* 5. Equivalent Series Resistance 300kHz) 6. Temperature Characteristics Impedance Ratio 100kHz 7. High Temperature Load 105C, 1,000 hours) Rated Voltage Applied CHARACTERISTICS 20% Values in Standard Ratings Table 0.05 CV Values in Standard Ratings Table ~ 1.0 C/C Within 20% of the initial value tan 1.5 times the value of Item 3 Leakage Current The value of Item 4 C/C Within 20% of the initial value tan 2 times the value of Item 3 Leakage Current The value of Item 4 Temporary: Less than 20% of the rated voltage Continuous: Less than 10% of the rated voltage + 105C

8. Moisture Resistance ~ 95% RH, 1,000 hours, no voltage) 9. Reverse Voltage Guarantee

*If any doubt arises, measure the current after applying voltage (voltage treatment) for 30 minutes + 105 C. The rated voltage should be applied for all WV.

Polarity Rated voltage Capacitance OS-CON Lot number Type Maximum operating temperature 105C)
**WV = Rated Voltage. ***(SV) = Surge Voltage (at room temperature). 20
****Sleeve color: Blue. Marking: White. Document Number: 90008 Revision 23-May-01


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