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DescriptionDual Switching Diode
CompanyVishay Intertechnology
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Cross ref.Similar parts: LM317AT, LM317BT, LM337LM, LM337LZ, LM317BD2T, LM340S-5.0, LM3940IMPX-3.3, LM2574-5.0BWM, LM2574HVM-ADJ, LM2574N-5.0
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Silicon Epitaxial Planar Diode Fast switching dual diode with common anode This diode is also available in other configurations including: a single with type designation BAL99, a dual anode to cathode with type designation BAV99, and a dual common cathode with type designation BAV70.

Case: SOT-23 Plastic Package Weight: approx. 8 mg Packaging Codes/Options: / 10k per 13 " reel (8 mm tape), / 3k per 7 " reel (8 mm tape), 30k/box

Tamb = 25 C, unless otherwise specified Parameter Repetitive peak reverse voltage = Working peak reverse voltage = DC Blocking voltage Forward current ( continous) Non repetitive peak forward current 1 s Power dissipation

Tamb = 25 C, unless otherwise specified Parameter Thermal resistance junction to ambiant air Junction temperature Storage temperature range

Tamb = 25 C, unless otherwise specified Parameter Forward voltage Test condition 150 mA Document Number 85549 Rev. 5, 10-Jul-03 Symbol VF Min Typ. Max Unit

Parameter Reverse current Test condition 150 C Diode capacitance Reverse recovery time = 1 MHz = 1 mA, = 100 Symbol IR Ctot trr Min Typ. Max

Typical Characteristics (Tamb 25 C unless otherwise specified)


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