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DescriptionSwitching Diode
CompanyVishay Intertechnology
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Type BAY80 Type Differentiation VRRM 150 V Ordering Code BAY80TAP BAY80TR Remarks Ammopack Tape and Reel

= 25_C Parameter Repetitive peak reverse voltage Reverse voltage Peak forward surge current Repetitive peak forward current Forward current Average forward current Junction temperature Storage temperature range Test Conditions Type Symbol VRRM VR IFSM IFRM IF IFAV Tj Tstg Value Unit mA C

= 25_C Parameter Junction ambient Test Conditions l=4 mm, TL=constant Symbol RthJA Value 350 Unit K/W

= 25_C Parameter Forward voltage g Test Conditions iR=3mA, RL=100 Type Symbol VF IR V(BR) CD rf trr Min Typ Max Unit V pF

Reverse current Breakdown voltage Diode capacitance Differential forward resistance Reverse recovery time

1000 100 Scattering Limit IF Forward Current ( mA Reverse Current 25C 100 Scattering Limit 10
Figure 3. Differential Forward Resistance vs. Forward Current
Standard Glass Case A 2 DIN 41880 JEDEC DO 35 Weight max. 0.3 g


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