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DescriptionZener Diodes
CompanyVishay Intertechnology
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Case: SOT-23 Plastic Package Weight: approx. 0.008g Packaging Codes/Options: E8/10K per 13" reel (8mm tape), 30K per box E9/3K per 7" reel (8mm tape), 30K per box


Silicon Planar Power Zener Diodes. Standard Zener voltage tolerance is 5% tolerance with a "B" suffix. Other tolerances are available upon request. High temperature soldering guaranteed: 250C/10 seconds at terminals. These diodes are also available in MiniMELF case with the type designation ZMM5225...ZMM5267, SOD-123 case with the type designation MMSZ5225... MMSZ5267.

Parameter Zener Current (see Table "Characteristics") Power Dissipation = 25C Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient Air Maximum Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Range

Notes: On FR-5 board using recommended solder pad layout (2) On alumina substrate
Maximum reverse leakage current Test Voltage VR (V)

Notes: (1) The Zener Impedance is derived from the 1kHZ AC voltage which results when an AC current having an RMS value equal 10% of the Zener current (IZT or IZK) is superimposed on IZT or IZK. Zener Impedance is measured at two points to insure a sharp knee on the breakdown curve and to eliminate unstable units. (2) Valid provided case is kept at ambient temperature. (3) Measured at thermal equilibrium.

Ratings and Characteristic Curves (TA = 25C unless otherwise noted)


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