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DescriptionDual Low-leakage Pico-amp Diode
CompanyVishay Intertechnology
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D Negligible Circuit Leakage Contribution D Circuit "Transparent" Except to Shunt High-Frequency Spikes


The DPAD/SSTDPAD series of extremely low-leakage diodes provides a superior alternative to conventional diode technology when reverse current (leakage) must be minimized. These devices feature leakage currents ranging from (SSTDPAD100) to support a wide range of applications. The low-cost, compact, narrow-body SO-8 (SSTDPAD) package allows maximum circuit performance. Tape- and-reel options are avaliable for automated assembly (see Packaging Information). The TO-78 and TO-71 (DPAD) hermetically sealed metal cans are available with full military processing per MIL-S-19500 (see Military Information).

Forward Current. 50 mA Storage Temperature. to 150_C Operating Junction Temperature. to 150_C Lead Temperature (1/16" from case for 10 sec.). 300_C Total Device Dissipationb. 500 mW Notes: = 25_C unless otherwise noted. b. Derate 4 mW/_C at 25_C.

DPAD1 DPAD5/SSTDPAD5 Reverse Current SSTDPAD100 DPAD1 Reverse Breakdown Voltage BVR DPAD5/DPAD50 SSTDPAD5/SSTDPAD100 Forward Voltage Drop V pA

Notes: a. Typical values are for DESIGN AID ONLY, not guaranteed nor subject to production testing.


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