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DescriptionJFET Voltage Controlled Resistor
CompanyVishay Intertechnology
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Features, Applications

D Continuous Voltage-Controlled Resistance D High Off-Isolation D High Input Impedance
D Gain Ranging Capability/Wide Range Signal Attenuation D No Circuit Interaction D Simplified Drive
D Variable Gain Amplifiers D Voltage Controlled Oscillator D AGC

The VCR2N/4N/7N JFET voltage controlled resistors have an ac drain-source resistance that is controlled a dc bias voltage (VGS) applied to their high impedance gate terminal. Minimum rDS occurs when VGS V. As VGS approaches the pinch-off voltage, rDS rapidly increases. This series of junction FETs is intended for applications where the drain-source voltage is a low-level ac signal with no dc component. Key to device performance is the predictable rDS change versus VGS bias where:

These n-channel devices feature rDS(on) ranging from 8000 W. All packages are hermetically sealed and may be processed per MIL-S-19500 (see Military Information).

Gate-Source, Gate-Drain Voltage. 25 V Gate Current. 10 mA Power Dissipationb. 300 mW Operating Junction Temperature Range. to 175_C Storage Temperature. to 200_C Notes: = 25_C unless otherwise noted. b. Derate 2 mW/_C above 25_C. Lead Temperature (1/16" from case for 10 sec.). 300_C

Gate-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate-Source Cutoff Voltage Gate Reverse Current
Notes: a. Typical values are for DESIGN AID ONLY, not guaranteed nor subject to production testing.
30 VGS(off) ID Drain Current (mA) VGS ID Drain Current (mA) 3.5 V

A simple application of a FET VCR is shown in Figure 1, the circuit for a voltage divider attenuator. The output voltage is:

It is assumed that the output voltage is not so large as to push the VCR out of the linear resistance region, and that the rDS is not shunted by the load.


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