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AM2520ID08 : Subminiature Solid State Lamp. High Efficiency Red (peak Wavelength 627 Nm). Lens Type Red Diffused..

IL4218 : Triac Driver Optocoupler. High Input Sensitivity IFT=1.3 mA 600/700/800 V Blocking Voltage 300 mA On-State Current High Static dv/dt 10,000 V/ sec., typical Inverse Parallel SCRs Provide Commutating dv/dt >10 kV/ sec Very Low Leakage <10 A Isolation Test Voltage from Double Molded Package 5300 VRMS Package, 6-Pin DIP Underwriters Lab File #E52744 V VDE Approval #0884.

K-18001G-P : Back Light. LCD Back Light, Cob Type, LCD Character 240x128. Electro-Optical Characteristics Input Iv(cd/m2) Vf(V) Current Typ. Electro-Optical Characteristics Input Iv(cd/m2) Vf(V) Current Typ. .

MOC3041-M : 6-Pin 400V Zero Crossing Triac Driver Output Coupler. The MOC303XM and MOC304XM devices consist of a AlGaAs infrared emitting diode optically coupled to a monolithic silicon detector performing the function of a zero voltage crossing bilateral triac driver. They are designed for use with a triac in the interface of logic systems to equipment powered from 115 VAC lines, such as teletypewriters, CRTs, solid-state.

MV8806 : Super Bright T-1 3/4 ( 5 MM ) Led Lamp - Water Clear. Popular T-1 3/4 package Super high brightness suitable for outdoor applications Solid state reliability Water clear optics Standard 100 mil. lead spacing NOTES: 1. Dimensions for all drawings are in inches (mm). 2. Lead spacing is measured where the leads emerge from the package. 3. Protruded resin under the flange mm (0.059") max. This T-1 3/4 super.

PC4004-D : Character LCD Modules. Model = PC 4004-D ;; Module Size(w X L Mm) = 160.0 X 47.0 ;; View Area(w X L Mm) = 140.0 X 29.0 ;; Dot Size(w X L Mm) = 0.50 X 0.50 ;; Character Size(w X L Mm) = 2.70 X 4.35.

PD-32BRD : Infrared.

PN163NC : Silicon NPN Phototransistor. High sensitivity Fast response 4 s (typ.) Adoption of visible light cutoff resin Ultraminiature, thin side-view type package Parameter Collector to emitter voltage Collector current Collector power dissipation Operating ambient temperature Storage temperature Symbol VCEO IC PC Topr Tstg Ratings to +100 Unit mW C Parameter Dark current Sensitivity.

SFH6943-3 : . Transistor Optocoupler in SOT223/10 Package End Stackable, 1.27 mm Spacing Low Current Input Very High CTR, 150% Typical at IF=1 mA, VCE=5 V Good CTR Linearity Versus Forward Current Minor CTR Degradation Field Effect Stable by TRIOS (TRansparent IOn Shield) High Collector-Emitter Voltage, VCEO=70 V Low Coupling Capacitance High Common Mode Transient.

SP4416 : Electroluminescent Lamp Driver With. Electroluminescent Lamp Driver with 4-Level Light Intensity Selection Feature s 4-Level, Software Selectable Light Intensity Function s 75%-80%-85%-100% Intensity Level Options s Extends Standby Time & Battery Life when used in Conjunction with Power Management Devices s Requires only 2 External Components: Oscillator Setting Capacitor and Inductor.

SSL-LX100133XUSBC : T-10mm Tapered, Clear.

SSL-LX50133SID : T-5mm Extra Tall.

USH1003FAL2 : Lamps For Photolithography. PerkinElmer Optoelectronics is a leading manufacturer of mercury short arc lamps ranging in output power from to 8000 watts. These lamps are used in the production of printed circuit boards, liquid crystal displays and semiconductors. The HSH Series lamps are used worldwide in microlithography systems manufactured by ASML, Canon, GCA, Nikon, Karl Suss,.

XYH1LUY32D : Material (Color) = GaAsP/GaP(Yellow);; Lens = Yellow Diffused;; Peak Wave Length = 590;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Min.= 5;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Typ.= 14.

LQ022B8UD04 : Device for TFT LCD Module (176 x RGB x 220 dots).

LS A67K-J1L2-1-Z : Standard LED - SMD Super Red, 630nm 30mlm, 2mA. » » » LEDs - High Brightness - SMD - Red LEDs - High Brightness - SMD - RedStandard SMD (surface mount device) LED components are often used in indication applications and generally have power levels s: Manufacturer: Osram Opto Semiconductor ; Product Category: Standard LED - SMD ; RoHS:.

SFH 3500-Z : Photodetector Transistors PHOTOTRANSISTOR SMR. s: Manufacturer: Osram Opto Semiconductor ; Product Category: Photodetector Transistors ; RoHS:  Details ; Maximum Power Dissipation: 150 mW ; Maximum Dark Current: 200 nA ; Package / Case: SMR ; Collector- Emitter Voltage VCEO Max: 70 V ; Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage: 150 mV ; Maximum Operating.

SMLW56RGB1W1 : Standard LED - SMD LED SMD RGB With Reflector. ROHM Semiconductor's SRGB Series Thin Chip LEDs, with Reflector and protective ESD diode, are high brightness, SMD LEDs featuring the RGB (red, green, blue) spectrum. Original package technology results in unparalleled thinness allowing the configuration of LEDs a longer distance away from the object, resulting.

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