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6N138 : Low Input Current, High Gain Optocoupler. High Current Transfer Ratio, 800% Low Input Current, 0.5mA High Output Current, 60mA Isolation Test Voltage, 2500 VACRMS TTL Compatible Output, VOL=0.1 V High Common Mode Rejection, 500V/µsec. Adjustable Bandwidth­Access to Base Standard Molded Dip Plastic Package Underwriters Lab File #E52744 APPLICATIONS Logic Ground Isolation­TTL/TTL, TTL/CMOS, CMOS/CMOS,.

AA9219/2EC : Led Lamp. High Efficiency Red (peak Wavelength 625 Nm). Lens Type Water Clear..

HTC150 : Led Flasher.. HI HIGH TECH CHIPS, INC. LED FLASHERS 1.0 General . This circuit is designed to work as led flasher. LED's sequentially turn on and off according to part used. D0 and D1 inputs are used to control flashing frequency. There are four different frequencies selectable. See D[0:1] versus frequency table. HTC150 Can control to 32 LED's (eight LED's per output.

LN184 : Gaalas Infrared Light Emitting Diode. Light source for distance measuring systems High-power output, high-efficiency 5 mW (typ.) Fast response and high-speed modulation capability : tr, = 20 ns(typ.) Infrared light emission close to monochromatics light 880 nm (typ.) Narrow directivity using spherical lenses; works well with optical systems in auto focus systems Parameter Power dissipation.

LT9CB3-89-M1A2 : Emitting Color: Bule , Material: Gan , Wavelength(nm): 430.

ML792E28 : DFB Lasers. Notice: Some parametric limits are subject to change APPLICATION ML7xx28 series are uncooled DFB (Distributed Feedback) laser diodes for 10Gbps transmission emitting light beam 1310nm. /4 phase shifted grating structure is employed to obtain excellent SMSR performance under 10Gbps modulation. Furthermore, ML7xx28 is able to operate in the wide temperature.

MSC1209 : Low Duty VFD Controller Drivers. 42-Bit Vacuum Fluorescent Display Tube Driver With Digital Dimming Function.

OPB826S : Slotted Switch. Slotted Switch 890mn Phototransistor Transistor.

QEB363 : Subminiature Plastic Infrared Emitting Diode. T-3/4 (2mm) Surface Mount Package Tape & Reel Option (See Tape & Reel s) Lead Form Options: Gullwing, Yoke, Z-Bend Narrow Emission Angle, 24° Wavelength = 940 nm, GaAs Pink Tinted Lens Matched Photosensor: QSB363 NOTES: 1. Dimensions are in inches (mm). 2. Tolerance (.25) on all non nominal dimensions unless otherwise specified. Parameter Operating.

QSE113 : Remote Control. Plastic Silicon Infrared Phototransistor. NOTES: 1. Dimensions for all drawings are in inches (mm). 2. Tolerance (.25) on all non-nominal dimensions unless otherwise specified. The is a silicon phototransistor encapsulated in a wide angle, infrared transparent, black plastic sidelooker package. NPN silicon phototransistor Package type: Sidelooker Medium wide reception angle, 50° Package material.

SMTIR9901 : . SMARTEC B.V. Infrared sensor type: SMTIR9901/9902 Version : 3.1 Date : jan 2003 1 The Smartec infrared sensor SMTIR9901 and SMTIR9902 are sophisticated full silicon infrared sensors. The sensors can be used in measuring the radiation temperature without any contact. For the different radiation temperature ranges various filters are available. The sensor.

W76761CSYC : Material: Ingaalp , Wavelength: 588nm. !SUPER FLUX OUTPUT. !DESIGN FOR HIGH CURRENT OPERATION. !OUTSTANDING MATERIAL EFFICIENCY. !RELIABLE AND RUGGED. The Super Bright Yellow source color devices are made with DH InGaAlP on GaAs substrate Light Emitting Diode. Notes: 1. All dimensions are in millimeters (inches). 2. Tolerance is ±0.25(0.01") unless otherwise noted. 3. Lead spacing is measured.

HT16561 : The HT16561 provides direct drive to VFD panels to implement a 12 hour clock function. In addition to obtaining its time base from a 4.194304MHz crystal oscillation source and in having a wide operating voltage, the device also contains a host of other . These include a choice of adjustment modes, including single push increment or 2Hz fast forward.

17-8091-205 : LCD Touch Panels 6.71" 8" Flex Tail 5Pin Locking Amp. 3M Touch Systems Ā“ MicroTouch ™ System SCT3250EX capacitive touch screen offers optimized optics, facilitates display integration, and creates an environment-friendly touch screen . Combined with the solid foundation of System SCT3250EX electronics and robust MicroTouch ™ software, the touch.

COG-16265-DP-I2C-FH-W-SILVER : Display Modules - LCD, OLED Character and Numeric -; LCD COG 16X2 W/I2C TRANSFL WIDE. s: Display Type: - ; Display Mode: - ; Display Format: 16 x 2 ; Character Format: - ; Character Size: - ; Backlight: - ; Viewing Area: - ; Operating Temperature: - ; Voltage - Supply: - ; Dot Size: - ; Interface: - ; Number of Digits/Alpha: 32 ; Outline L x W x H: - ; Lead.

LNJ210C6ARA : LEDs -; LED RED SIDE VIEW SMD. s: Color: Red ; Lens Style/Size: Rectangle with Flat Top, 2mm x 0.7mm ; Millicandela Rating: 8mcd ; Voltage - Forward (Vf) Typ: 1.72V ; Wavelength - Dominant: - ; Wavelength - Peak: 660nm ; Current - Test: 10mA ; Viewing Angle: - ; Lens Type: Clear ; Luminous Flux @ Current - Test: - ; Package / Case: 0805 (2012 Metric).

C10365_PLATINUM-3-W : Optics - LEDs, Lamps - Lenses Clear; LENS FOR OSRAM DRAGON 3 UP. s: Color: Clear ; For Use With/Related Products: Osram OS Dragon ; Lens Style/Size: Round with Flat Top, 50mm ; Viewing Angle: 46° ; Mounting Type: Adhesive, Position Pins ; Type: Lens ; Optical Pattern: Wide ; Number of LEDs: 3 ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

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