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585-1111 : Red, 6 Vdc, Polarized. T-1 3/4 Based LED Replacement Lamps Midget Flange Base COLOR Red Ultra Red Green Yellow Red Ultra Red Green Yellow Red Ultra Red Green Yellow Red Ultra Red Green Yellow * Electrical s shown are for polarized devices. Non-polarized devices will vary slightly Replaces incandescent lamp numbers - for example: and 86. For more information, please contact.

APK3216SECK : Material: Ingaalp , Wavelength: 601nm. !3.2mmX1.6mm SMT LED, 1.1mm THICKNESS. !LOW POWER CONSUMPTION. !WIDE VIEWING ANGLE. !IDEAL FOR BACKLIGHT AND INDICATOR. ! VARIOUS !PACKAGE The Super Bright Orange source color devices are made with DH InGaAlP on GaAs substrate Light Emitting Diode. Notes: 1. All dimensions are in millimeters (inches). 2. Tolerance is 0.2(0.0079") unless otherwise noted.

APSC03-41MWFA : Material: Gan , Wavelength:. The source color devices are made with GaN on SiC Light Emitting Diode. Static electricity and surge damage the LEDS. It is recommended to use a wrist band or anti-electrostatic glove when handling the LEDs. All devices, equipment and machinery must be electrically grounded. INCH DIGIT HEIGHT. CURRENT OPERATION. CHARACTER APPEARANCE. Notes: 1. All dimensions.

BR5363X : PKG Type = 5 ;; Emitted Color = Red ;; Lens Type = Clear ;; Peak Wavelength λ P (nm) = 660 ;; Luminous Intensity iv (mcd) Min = 15.0 ;; Luminous Intensity iv (mcd) TYP = 30.0 ;; Luminous Intensity iv (mcd) Max = 20 ;; Viewing Angle (2 θ 1/2) = 60.

CM1215 : Integrated Photodiode And I/v Amplifiers (PDICs). Low voltage operation ~ 5.5V) Built-in TIA (current-to-voltage conversion circuit) High PD sensitivity Recommended Diode for CD applications an IR laser diode (l=780nm) Supports Focus Servo (Astigmatism method) and Tracking servo (Three beam method) APPLICATIONS Optical pickups for VideoCD-players, CD-ROM, CD-MP3 players, and CDAudio The Capella CM1215.

LCM155W-20A : 2.5 Gb/s Inp MZ Modulator With DWDM Laser. The 2.5Gb/s InP Mach Zehnder Modulator with DWDM Laser, containing the Bookham Technology Strained Layer MQW DFB laser chip and the InP Mach-Zehnder modulator chip, has been designed specifically for use in 2.5Gb/s long and very long distance optical fibre trunk systems. When used with closed loop control, wavelength locking to the ITU 50GHz grid is achieved.

LM24014H : Medium Size Graphic Type LCD Module. s Display size Dot format x V) Dot pitch x V) Active area x V) Panel type Panel mode Color Contrast ratio Response time x 33.9 STN Transflective Gray 7:1 450 Brightness Duty ratio 1/64 Backlight type EL Power consumption Panel 75 Backlight Outline dimensions x 10.5 Weight 120 Operating temperature to +45 Storage temperature to +60 .

LNJ406K54RX : Chip LEDs. Brightness = High Brightness ;; Type 1 = S-j ;; Type 2 = Ingaalp ;; Outline (mm) = 2125 ;; Lighting Color = Amber ;; Remarks = ;; Package =.

R7511 : Photomultiplier Tubes. For Vacuum Ultraviolet Light Detection Cs-Te (R7311), Cs-I (R7511) Photocathode, MgF2 Window, 13mm (1/2 Inch) Diameter, 9-stage, Side-on Type Sensitivity in the Vacuum Ultraviolet Region to 195nm High Quantum Efficiency (at 121.6nm) R731117.3% (Typ.) R751126.5% (Typ.) High Anode Sensitivity R7311 (at 105 A/W (Typ.) R7511 (at 104 A/W (Typ.) APPLICATIONS.

XZDUB14C : Material (Color) = GaN(Blue);; Lens = ;; Peak Wave Length = 430;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Min.= 1200;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Typ.= 5100.

XZDVG14C2 : Material (Color) = InGaAIP(Green);; Lens = ;; Peak Wave Length = 574;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Min.= 8000;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Typ.= 34500.

901-1.250 : LED Mounting Hardware Plastic Spcr 1.25 in Nylon White. s: Manufacturer: BIVAR ; Product Category: LED Mounting Hardware ; RoHS:  Details ; Product: LED Spacer ; Packaging: Bulk.

1597510000 : Optics - LEDs - Light Pipes Clear; GUIDE LIGHT 1.5MM 8POS. s: Color: Clear ; Mounting Type: Board Mount, Press Fit, Right Angle ; Lens Style/Size: Round with Flat Top, 2mm ; Configuration: 8 Wide ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

T-51639D084U-FW-A-AA : Display Modules - LCD, OLED, Graphic; LCD 8.4" TFT MOD 1024X768 XGA. s: Display Type: TFT- Thin Film Transistor ; Display Mode: * ; Backlight: - ; Dot Size: - ; Viewing Area: 171.30mm L x 128.30mm W ; Dot Pixels: 1024 x 768 (XGA) ; Dot Pitch: - ; Interface: LVDS ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

1512135B3 : LEDs - Lamp Replacements Blue 24V; LED MIDGET GROOVE T1-3/4 24V BLU. s: Color: Blue ; Wavelength: 470nm ; Size / Dimension: T - 1 3/4 ; Millicandela Rating: 350mcd ; Configuration: Single ; Voltage - Forward (Vf) Typ: 24V ; Applications: Incandescent Replacements, Indicator Lights ; Can Replace Lamps: 276, 334, 388 ; Base Type: Midget Groove ; Lead.

GW5BQC15L02 : LEDs - High Brightness Power Modules White, Warm; LED MOD 3.6WATT ZENIGATA 2700K. s: Color: White, Warm ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

M7E-012M-1 : Accessories; END PLATE BLACK FOR DGTL DISPLAY. s: Accessory Type: End Cap ; For Use With/Related Products: M7E Digital Display Series ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

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