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EL6935 : Laser Diode Driver w/ Waveform Generator The EL6935 is a Highly Integrated Laser Diode Driver Designed to Support Multi-standard Writable Optical Drives. It Accomplishes This BY Incorporating a Waveform Generator Wherein The Diode Currents And Timing Details CAN be Programmed Before Operation. The Data Input Circuitry Inspects The NRZ Serial Data Waveform.

ISTS149 : Single Channel, Reflector With Tabs. The ISTS703A, ISTS708 each consist of an infrared emitting diode and a NPN silicon photo transistor mounted side by side on point of converging axes in a polycarbonate housing. The optimum response package is designed to optimise the mechanical resolution, coupling efficiency, ambient light rejection, cost and reliability.The phototransistor responds.

JANTXV4N47 : Jan, Jantx, Jantxv, Single Channel Optocouplers. JAN, JANTX, JANTXV, SINGLE CHANNEL OPTOCOUPLERS : High Reliability Base lead provided for conventional transistor biasing Rugged package High gain, high voltage transistor +1kV electrical isolation Applications: Eliminate ground loops Level shifting Line receiver Switching power supplies Motor control Gallium Aluminum Arsenide (GaAlAs) infrared LED and a high.

LQ084V1DG21 : 8.4 Inch Color Tft-lcd Module. cm [8.4"] VGA format s Low power consumption W) s Built-in long life CCFT backlight 000 h) s Display size Dot format x V) Dot pitch x V) Active area x V) Color Input signal Viewing direction Backlight type 640 x RGB 144 6-bit digital RGB 12:00 CCFT Brightness 300 Contrast ratio : 1 Power consumption 5.42 Outline dimensions x 12.0 Weight 410 Operating.

LT8B22-190T : Emitting Color: Green , Material: Gap , Wavelength(nm): 572. CHIP PART NUMBER MATERIAL LT8B72-190T LT8B72-UR-190T GaP AlGaInP GaAsP AlGaInP GaAsP AlGaInP GaAlAs EMITTING COLOR Green UR Green Yellow UR Yellow Orange UR Orange UR Red SB Red UR Red LENS p (nm) COLOR TYP. W.D. VF (V) TYP. MAX. 20mA IV (mcd) MIN. TYP. (Deg.) CHIP PART NUMBER MATERIAL LT8B72-170T LT8B72-UR-170T GaP AlGaInP GaAsP AlGaInP GaAsP AlGaInP.

LUM-115HMU306 : . The a 2448 dot matrix display which can be used in a wide range of applications, including alphabet, numeric, symbol and graphical displays. A large display can be easily created by arranging a number of these dot matrix displays in an array, and they can be applied to a variety of display purposes. A custom LSI controller has display data memory for two screens,.

MBI5016 : LED Driver. 16-bit Constant Current Led Driver. 16 constant-current output channels Output current adjustable through an external resistor Serial data in/parallel data out Output current: mA 20MHz clock frequency MBI5016, utilizing the most advanced silicon technology, is targeted for LED panel display. MBI5016 contains CMOS shift registers and latch functions, converting serial input data into parallel.

SSI-LXH8080HGW : Jumbo 8mm Panel Indicator.

TLOE157PRS705157B : Led 5mm Orange.

XDUG09C : Material (Color) = Gap (Green);; Lens = ;; Peak Wave Length = 565;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Min.= 800;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Typ.= 1890.

608-1131-110F : LED Panel Mount Indicators RED DIFFUSED. s: Manufacturer: Dialight ; Product Category: LED Panel Mount Indicators ; RoHS:  Details ; LED Size: 8 mm ; Illumination Color: Red ; Lens Color/Style: Red Diffused ; Packaging: Bulk ; Forward Current: 15 mA ; Forward Voltage: 2 V ; Luminous Intensity: 20 mcd ; Factory Pack Quantity: 25.

FA10696_LN2-RS : LED Lighting Lenses with Holder NICHIA 083/183 LED SNGL LENS HLDR &TAPE. » » » Optics - Lenses With Holders Optics - Lenses With Holders LEDs often require optical beam shaping in order to steer their emitted light radiation in the desired direction or pattern. Most often the engineer's first choice to do this is a Lens. A lens allows.

LTS-5701AY : 7-Segment Yellow 10-DIP (0.600", 15.24mm) 1 digit 0.56" (14.22mm) Display Modules - LED Character and Numeric; LED 7-SEG .56" 1DIGIT YELLOW CA. s: Display Type: 7-Segment ; Color: Yellow ; Package / Case: 10-DIP (0.600", 15.24mm) ; Number of Digits/Alpha: 1 ; Size / Dimension: 0.49" L X 0.67" W X 0.32" H (12.4mm x 17.1mm x 8mm) ; Common Pin: Common.

HDSP-E103 : 7-Segment Red 14-DIP (0.300", 7.62mm), 10 Leads 1 digit 0.43" (11.00mm) Display Modules - LED Character and Numeric; LED 7-SEG 10.9MM CC RED RHD. s: Display Type: 7-Segment ; Color: Red ; Package / Case: 14-DIP (0.300", 7.62mm), 10 Leads ; Number of Digits/Alpha: 1 ; Size / Dimension: 0.75" L x 0.50" W x 0.25" H (19.1mm x 12.7mm x 6.35mm) ; Common Pin:.

553-2222-100F : LED , Round with Domed Top, 3mm 2.1V 30mA Green (x 2) Through Hole, Right Angle; LED CBI 3MM BI-LVL GRN/GRN TINT. s: Color: Green (x 2) ; Mounting Type: Through Hole, Right Angle ; Configuration: 2 High ; Voltage Rating: 2.1V ; Current: 30mA ; Lens Style/Size: Round with Domed Top, 3mm ; Packaging: Bulk ; Lens Type: Tinted ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free.

LXML-PX02-0000 : LED LUXEON REBEL LIME SMD. As a substitute to regular green, lime’s unique color point is much closer to the Black Body Curve. When mixing to create white light, much less of the inefficient red is required to meet the right color point. Lime’s high efficacy as a standalone emitter already provides a big boost to overall system efficacy.

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