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Product Features - 1500 MHz +45 dBm Output 13.5 dB Gain +27 dBm P1dB MTTF >100 Years Unconditionally Stable Internally Matched Single Bias Supply

The is a medium power gain block that offers excellent dynamic range in a low cost surface mount package. The combination of a single supply voltage and an unconditionally stable internally matched device, makes it ideal for both narrow band and broadband applications. Superior thermal design allows the product to achieve +45 dBm OIP3 performance at a mounting temperature of +85C with an associated MTTF >100 years3.

Applications Mobile Infrastructure CATV / DBS Defense / Homeland Security Specifications

Parameter Units Min. Typical Max. Frequency Range MHz S21 - Gain S11 - Input Return Loss S22 - Output Return Loss dB Output IP3 (2) dBm +43 Output P1dB dBm Noise Figure dB Operating Current Range mA 170 Supply Voltage V Thermal Resistance / W Junction Temperature (3) C

Parameter Frequency S11 S22 Output IP3 Output P1dB Noise Figure Units MHz dB dBm dB Typical
Typical parameters reflect performance in an application curcuit.

Test conditions unless otherwise noted. = 25C, Vdd 9.0 V, Frequency = 800 MHz, 50 ohm system. 2. OIP3 measured with two tones at an output power of 8 dBm/tone separated by 10 MHz. The suppression on the largest IM3 product is used to calculate the OIP3 using a 2:1 slope rule. 3. Junction temperature ensures a minimum MTTF rating of 1 million hours of usage.

Parameter Operating Case Temperature Storage Temperature DC Voltage RF Input Power (continuous) Junction Temperature Rating V +18 dBm 220 C

Part No. AH101 AH101-PCB Description Medium Power High Linearity Amplifier (Available in tape and reel) Fully Assembled Application Circuit

Operation of this device above any of these parameters may cause permanent damage.

WJ Communications, Inc. Phone: 1-800-WJ1-4401 FAX: 408-577-6220 e-mail: Web site:

WJ Communications, Inc. Phone: 1-800-WJ1-4401 FAX: 408-577-6620 e-mail: Web site:

50 MHz 860 MHz Frequency Magnitude 13.5 dB Magnitude -20 dB Magnitude +47 dB Noise Figure 3.5 dB Bias mA 1500 MHz 4.0 dB

Notes: 1. The 0 W resistors are inserted as placeholders for other applications using the same PCB. They are not required in the final design. 2. DNP represents "Do Not Place". 3. The device should be mounted as shown in the "Mounting Configuration" section. 4. The application circuit should be connected directly to a voltage regulator; a dropping resistor is not required.


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