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50-860 MHz -71 dBc CTB -48 dBc CSO +20 dBm P1dB +40 dBm Output 14.5 dB Gain MTTF >100 Years +5 V Single Positive Supply

The is a general purpose, high dynamic range amplifier targeting cable TV markets. The combination of gain flatness, high linearity and bandwidth make it ideal for CATV distribution, cable modem and laser diode driver applications. The AH2 is designed for 75 ohm systems and can operate directly from a +5 Volt DC regulator. The device is manufactured using reliable GaAs MESFET technology and boasts an MTTF of >100 years at a mounting temperature of 85C. All devices are 100% RF and DC tested.


Parameter Frequency Range S21 Output IP3 P1dB Operating Current Supply Voltage Max. Junction Temp. Thermal Resistance Units MHz dB dBm V C C/W Min. +37 120 Typ. Max. Condition

Parameter Frequency S21 - Gain S21 - Gain S11 - Input Return Loss S22 - Output Return Loss Output IP3 Output IP2 P1dB Noise Figure CTB CSO Xmod

Test Conditions unless otherwise noted: 4. T=25C, Vdd a 75 application circuit 5. 77 Channels 50-550 MHz, +34 dBmV/channel, flat-loading.

Test Conditions unless otherwise noted. 1.Parameters reflect performance of a packaged device a 75 system at 25C, Vdd = 5.0V, and 800 MHz. 2. OIP3 measured with 2 tones at an output power of 5 dBm/tone separated by 10 MHz. The suppression on the largest IM3 product is used to calculate the OIP3 using a 2:1 slope rule. 3. The maximum junction temperature ensures a minimum MTTF rating of 1 million hours of usage at a tab temperature of +85C. The MTTF plot and more information is located in the WJ Application Note "AH2 Temperature Effects on Reliability" for more information.

Parameter Operating Case Temperture Storage Temperature DC Voltage RF Input Power (continuous) Rating V +10 dBm

Part No. AH2 AH2-PCB Description High Dynamic Range CATV Amplifier (Available in tape and reel) Fully Assembled Single Ended CATV Application Circuit (75 )

Operation of this device above any of these parameters may cause permanent damage.
Specifications and information are subject to change without notice.

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Single - Ended CATV, 75 Evaluation Circuit: 50-860 MHz (AH2 - PCB)
Typical Performance (75 Ohm System) Frequency OIP2 OIP3 Noise Figure Bias Schematic

3 or moreVia Grounds req. pF 0603 INPUT C2 GND Place inductor close to input Length less than 100 mil

Note: dB of gain slope is due to the connector and board losses.
77 Channel Flat Loading, +34 dBmV Output Power

Typical Performance (75 Ohm System) Frequency OIP2 OIP3 Noise Figure Bias Schematic FR4 Board Layout = 28 Mils to ground Plane)

Interior Trans. Lines = 37.5 Ohm T2 6 Turns bifilar wire around ferrite core RF OUT T1 R1
T1 6 Turns bifilar RF IN wire around ferrite core


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