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MHz +30 dBm P1dB +47 dBm Output 17 dB Gain @ 900 MHz MTBF >100 Years Single Positive Supply Internally Matched 24dBm IS-95 Channel Power @ -45dBc ACPR

The a 1-Watt driver amplifier that offers excellent dynamic range in a low-cost, mm 10-pin QFN surface-mount package. Biased +11 V, this device provided its optimum P1dB and OIP3 performance; it can be biased as low +9 V for lower power applications. The backside metalization provides excellent thermal dissipation while allowing visible evidence of solder reflow across the bottom of the package on a SMT board. Superior thermal design allows the product an MTBF of over 100 years at a mounting temperature +85º C. All devices are & DC tested. The product is targeted for use as a driver amplifier for wireless infrastructure or CATV applications where high linearity and medium power is required.

Function Input Output/Bias Ground Not Connected (Do not ground)

Frequency Range Gain Input Return Loss Output Return Loss Output P1dB Output IP3 Noise Figure IS-95 Channel Power3

Frequency Gain Input Return Loss Output Return Loss Output P1dB Output IP3 Noise Figure IS-95 Channel Power3

Operating Current Range Supply Voltage Thermal Resistance Junction Temperature4

Data reflects performance of a typical in an application circuit including associated circuit board and passive component losses.

Test conditions unless otherwise noted. = 25ºC, Vdd 11 V, Frequency = 900 MHz in an application circuit. 2. 3OIP measured with two tones at an output power of +10 dBm/tone separated by 10 MHz. The suppression on the largest IM3 product is used to calculate the 3OIP using a 2:1 rule. IS-95, 9 Channels Forward, Pk/Avg Ratio at a.001% probability 750 kHz offset, 30 kHz bandwidth, Channel = 1.23 MHz, frequency = 860 MHz 4. The maximum junction temperature ensures a minimum MTTF rating of 1 million hours of usage. The MTTF plot and more information is located on the WJ App Note "Temperature Effects on Reliability for the AH201" located on the WJ website.

Operating Case Temperature Storage Temperature DC Voltage RF Input Power (continuous) Maximum Junction Temperature

900 MHz Evaluation Board 1900 MHz Evaluation Board 2140 MHz Evaluation Board

Operation of this device above any of these parameters may cause permanent damage. Specifications and information are subject to change without notice WJ Communications, Inc Phone 1-800-WJ1-4401 FAX: 408-577-6621 e-mail: Web site: November 2003

S-parameters (Vd = 350 mA, unmatched device a 50 system). Measurements are shown for an unmatched packaged device with the data being de-embedded to the device leads. The amplifier requires a matching network at the input for proper operation. The amplifier is intrinsically well matched at the output and ideally should "look" into 50. Any deviation from this can affect the linearity IP3 performance for the device. Gain

Specifications and information are subject to change without notice WJ Communications, Inc Phone 1-800-WJ1-4401 FAX: 408-577-6621 e-mail: Web site: November 2003

Application Circuit PC Board Layout and Schematic for 900 MHz, 1900 MHz, and 2140 MHz Reference Designs

Circuit Board Material:.014" Getek, 4 layers (other layers added for rigidity),.062" total thickness, 1 oz copper Microstrip line details: width =.028", spacing =.036" The stub on pin 4 is added for additional external matching.

Pin 4 is used as a location for internal matching with bond wires. This pin should not be grounded for proper operation. Gap is.010". Pad is.044" x.057". Trace at the edge of the pad is.038 wide and tapers to.023 wide to match width of pin 4.

Board Material: Total thickness: Line Width: Line Spacing:

Notes: Via holes are omitted for clarity. The microstrip line is weakly co-planer. Ground planes around it are not necessary for operation of the AH201. Adequate heat sinking is required for the device. Further mounting instructions are shown in the "Mounting Configuration". The RF choke should be a wirewound ceramic type to insure sufficient current carrying capacity. TOKO's LLQ1608 series is recommended. Pin 4 should contain a stub as shown above.

Component values Frequency L2 900 MHz pF no load no load nH 1900 MHz pF no load 0 2140 MHz pF no load pF no load nH 0


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