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MHz +33 dBm P1dB +49 dBm Output 17 dB Gain @ 900 MHz Single Positive Supply (+5 V)

The is a high dynamic range driver amplifier in a low-cost surface mount package. The InGaP/GaAs HBT is able to superior achieve performance over a broad frequency range with +49 dBm OIP3 and +33 dBm of 1-dB compressed output power. It is housed in an industry standard SOIC-8 SMT package. All devices are 100% RF and DC tested. The product is targeted for use as driver amplifier for various current and next generation wireless technologies such as GPRS, GSM, CDMA, W-CDMA, and UMTS, where high linearity and high power is required. The internal active bias allows the AH312 to maintain high linearity over temperature and operate directly off +5 V supply.


Frequency Range S21 - Gain S11 - Input R.L. S22 - Output R.L. Output P1dB Output IP32 Noise Figure IS-95 Channel Power

Frequency S21 - Gain S11 - Input R.L. S22 - Output R.L. Output P1dB Output IP32 Noise Figure Supply Bias

Typical parameters reflect performance in recommended application circuit:

Test conditions unless otherwise noted. Specifications apply across entire frequency band. = 25C, Vsupply +5 V, Frequency = 2140 MHz, in recommended application circuit 2. 3OIP measured with two tones at an output power of +17 dBm/tone separated by 1 MHz. The suppression on the largest IM3 product is used to calculate the 3OIP using a 2:1 rule.

Operation of this device above any of these parameters may cause permanent damage.

This document contains information on a new product. Specifications and information are subject to change without notice

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Typical Performance Frequency 1960 MHz S21 - Gain -10 dB Output P1dB +33 dBm Output IP3 +49 dBm
NOTES: Install R4 for single supply voltage control.. Remove R4 to adjust bias using VREF
or adjust bias by changing R1. Align C8 at point E and C9 at point 2.
Circuit Board FR-4, 4 layers (others added for rigidity),.062" total thickness, 1 oz copper

The component will be marked with an "AH312" designator with a four- or five-digit alphanumeric lot code on the top surface of the package. Tape and reel specifications for this part is located on the website in the "Application Notes" section.

ESD Classification: Value: Test: Standard: MSL Rating: Standard: Class 1B Passes at 1000V Human Body Model (HBM) JEDEC Standard JESD22-A114 Level 2 JEDEC Standard J-STD-020A

1. Ground / thermal vias are critical for the proper performance of this device. Vias should use (#80 /.0135") diameter drill and have a final plated thru diameter (.010"). 2. Add as much copper as possible to inner and outer layers near the part to ensure optimal thermal performance. 3. Mounting screws can be added near the part to fasten the board to a heatsink. Ensure that the ground / thermal via region contacts the heatsink. 4. Do not put solder mask on the backside of the PC board in the region where the board contacts the heatsink. 5. RF trace width depends upon the PC board material and construction. 6. Use 1 oz. Copper minimum. 7. All dimensions are in millimeters (inches). Angles are in degrees.


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