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CompanyWon Top Electronics
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Cross ref.Similar parts: W005F, RS151, W005, W005L, W005MGP
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W01F -
AR25A AR25M Automotive RectifiersWon-Top Electronics develops a wide selection of packages of Automotive Rectifiers including Automotive Cell, Button Diode and Press Fit Diode. These products are manufactured using
BD2500 BD2506
PFW5000 PFW5010 PFW5000 PFW5010Won-Top Electronics develops a wide selection of packages of Automotive Rectifiers including Automotive Cell, Button Diode and Press Fit Diode. These products are manufactured using
KBPC4012 40A HIGH Current Single-phase Bridge Rectifier
KBP005M_01 1.5A Glass Passivated Single-phase Bridge Rectifier
M3-T1 1.0A Surface Mount Glass Passivated Rectifier
UF1000CT_06 10A Glass Passivated DUAL Ultrafast Rectifier
SA180C-T8 500W Transient Voltage Suppressor
SR1100-T3 1.0A Schottky Barrier Diode
PFW3505 35A 1/2 Washer LEAD Press-fit Diode
KBP150_06 1.5A Single-phase Bridge Rectifier
GBJ35A 35A Glass Passivated Single-phase Bridge Rectifier
C25F 25A Automotive Rectifier CELL
SS0520_04 Surface Mount Schottky Barrier Diode
MR756-T3 6.0A Standard Diode
BD3500_06 35A Bosch TYPE Press-fit Diode
SA6.0-T8 500W Transient Voltage Suppressor
KBJ15A_06 15A Single-phase Bridge Rectifier
SA48CA-T8 500W Transient Voltage Suppressor
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1N6011B : Zener Diode. Symbol PD Parameter Power Dissipation TL 75C, Lead Length = 3/8" Derate above 75C TJ, TSTG Operating and Storage Temperature Range * These ratings are limiting values above which the serviceability of the diode may be impaired. Electrical Characteristics (Continued) TA=25C unless otherwise noted Notes: 1. Zener Voltage (VZ) The zener voltage is measured.

2SC4793 : Silicon NPN Transistor For Power Amplifier And Driver Stage Amplifier Applications.

2SC5607 : . Applications Relay drivers, lamp drivers, motor drivers, strobes. Adoption of MBIT processes. Large current capacitance. Low collector-to-emitter saturation voltage. High-speed switching. High allowable power dissipation. s Parameter Collector-to-Base Voltage Collector-to-Emitter Voltage Emitter-to-Base Voltage Collector Current Collector Current (Pulse).

ABR808 : Avalanche Bridge Rectifiers. High case dielectric strength High surge current capability High reliability Low reverse current Low forward voltage drop ldeal for printed circuit board * Case : Reliable low cost construction utilizing molded plastic technique * Epoxy : UL94V-O rate flame retardant * Lead : Axial lead solderable per MIL - STD 202 , Method 208 guaranteed * Polarity.

APT17N80CC3 : COOLMOS(R) Power MOSFET-- Lowest Area Specific RDS (on) For Low Conduction Loses, Smaller Package/less Heat Sink -- Low Gate Charge For Lower Driving Requirements -- Low Internal Gate Resistance For Low Switching Losses And Controllable EMI-Noise -- Outstanding Power Handling Capability For Lower System Costs, Less Volume -- 600Volts And 800Volts -- 7.4 Amps.

CM50TU-24F : High Power Switching Use. APPLICATION General purpose inverters & Servo controls, etc Symbol VCES VGES IC ICM IE (Note 1) IEM (Note 1) PC (Note 3) Tj Tstg Viso Parameter Collector-emitter voltage Gate-emitter voltage Collector current Emitter current Maximum collector dissipation Junction temperature Storage temperature Isolation voltage Torque strength Weight G-E Short C-E Short.

EIA1415-4P : 14.40-15.35GHz, 2W Internally Matched Power Fet. 14.40-15.35GHz BANDWIDTH AND INPUT/OUTPUT IMPEDANCE MATCHED TO 50 OHM EIA HIGH PAE( 27% TYPICAL) EIB HIGH IP3(49dBm TYPICAL) +36.0/+35.5dBm TYPICAL P1dB OUTPUT POWER FOR EIA/EIB 8/7dB TYPICAL G1dB POWER GAIN FOR EIA/EIB NON-HERMETIC METAL FLANGE PACKAGE Not recommended for new designs. Contact factory. Effective 14.40-15.35GHz, 4W Internally Matched.

ESAC25N : Fast Recovery Diode.

STB45NF06L : Low Voltage. N-channel 60V - 0.022OHM - 38A TO-220/D2PAK StripFET ii Power MOSFET.

TP0702ND : P-channel Enhancement-mode Vertical DmosFETs.

000-5830-37R : DATACOM TRANSFORMER FOR LAN; 10 BASE-T APPLICATION(S). s: Category: Signal ; Other Transformer Types / Applications: Pulse Transformers, DATACOM TRANSFORMER ; Mounting: Chip Transformer.

0603J5000100FCR : CAPACITOR, CERAMIC, MULTILAYER, 500 V, C0G, 0.00001 uF, SURFACE MOUNT, 0603. s: Configuration / Form Factor: Chip Capacitor ; Technology: Multilayer ; Dielectric: Ceramic Composition ; RoHS Compliant: Yes ; Capacitance Range: 1.00E-5 microF ; Capacitance Tolerance: 1 (+/- %) ; WVDC: 500 volts ; Temperature Coefficient: 30 ppm/°C ; Mounting Style: Surface.

0603R-72NJG : 1 ELEMENT, 0.072 uH, CERAMIC-CORE, GENERAL PURPOSE INDUCTOR, SMD. s: Mounting Option: Surface Mount Technology ; Devices in Package: 1 ; Core Material: Ceramic ; Lead Style: WRAPAROUND ; Standards and Certifications: RoHS ; Application: General Purpose, RF Choke ; Inductance Range: 0.0720 microH ; Inductance Tolerance: 5 (+/- %) ; DCR: 0.4200.

BCP52D84Z : 1.2 A, 60 V, PNP, Si, POWER TRANSISTOR. s: Polarity: PNP.

EPB5098G : DATACOM TRANSFORMER FOR GENERAL PURPOSE APPLICATION(S). s: Category: Signal ; Other Transformer Types / Applications: Pulse Transformers, DATACOM TRANSFORMER ; Mounting: Chip Transformer ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F).

FDMS86310 : POWER, FET. This N-Channel MOSFET has been designed specifically to improve the overall efficiency and to minimize switch node ringing of DC/DC converters using either synchronous or conventional switching PWM controllers.It has been optimized for low gate charge, low rDS(on), fast switching speed and body diode reverse recovery performance. Max rDS(on) m at VGS 17 A Max rDS(on).

LS4448T/R13 : 0.5 A, 100 V, SILICON, SIGNAL DIODE. s: Package: QuadroMELF, ROHS COMPLIANT, QUADROMELF-2 ; Number of Diodes: 1 ; IF: 500 mA ; RoHS Compliant: RoHS.

NVMFS5885NLT3G : POWER, FET. Small Footprint (5x6 mm) for Compact Design Low RDS(on) to Minimize Conduction Losses Low Capacitance to Minimize Driver Losses NVMFS Prefix for Automotive and Other Applications Requiring Unique Site and Control Change Requirements; AEC-Q101 Qualified and PPAP Capable These are Pb-Free Devices Parameter Drain-to-Source Voltage Gate-to-Source Voltage.

QS8J2TR : 4 A, 12 V, 0.036 ohm, 2 CHANNEL, P-CHANNEL, Si, POWER, MOSFET. s: Polarity: P-Channel ; MOSFET Operating Mode: Enhancement ; V(BR)DSS: 12 volts ; rDS(on): 0.0360 ohms ; Package Type: TSMT8, 8 PIN ; Number of units in IC: 2.

2-1622796-4 : RESISTOR, THIN FILM, 0.25 W, 0.1 %, 15 ppm, 365 ohm, THROUGH HOLE MOUNT. s: Category / Application: General Use ; Technology / Construction: Thin Film (Chip) ; Mounting / Packaging: ThroughHole, Axial Leads, AXIAL LEADED, ROHS COMPLIANT ; Resistance Range: 365 ohms ; Tolerance: 0.1000 +/- % ; Temperature Coefficient: 15 ±ppm/°C ; Power Rating: 0.2500.

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