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TitlePCI Controllers
DescriptionPci Bus Compatible Digital Audio Controller
CompanyYamaha Corporation of America
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Features, Applications

is a high performance audio controller for the PCI Bus. DS-1E consists of two separated functional blocks. One is the PCI Audio block and the other is the Legacy Audio block. PCI Audio block provides 64-voice XG wavetable synthesizer with reverb and variation by using the software driver from YAMAHA. It also supports DirectSound hardware accelerator, Downloadable Sound (DLS) and DirectMusic accelerator. Legacy Audio block supports FM synthesizer, Sound Blaster Pro, MPU401 UART mode and Joystick function in order to provide hardware compatibility for numerous PC games on real DOS without any software driver. DS-1E supports the connection to AC'97 which provides high quality DAC, ADC and analog mixer, and it can connect two AC'97s. In addition, it supports consumer IEC958, Digital Audio Interface (SPDIF In/Out), to connect external audio equipment by digital. In addition to support the same functions (DS-1S), DS-1E adds direct recording function for SPDIF In, and realizes to use SPDIF In and Zoomed Video Port at the same time. And, DS-1E is featured with the capability of dramatically reducing power consumption at normal operation.


PCI 2.2 Compliant / PC99 specification Compliant PCI Bus Power Management rev. 1.0 Compliant (Support D0, D2 and D3 state) Supports clock run PCI Bus Master for PCI Audio True Full Duplex Playback and Capture with different Sampling Rate Maximum 64-voice XG capital Wavetable Synthesizer including GM compatibility DirectSound Hardware Acceleration DirectMusic Hardware Acceleration Downloadable Sound (DLS) level-1 Legacy Audio compatibility FM Synthesizer Hardware Sound Blaster Pro compatibility MPU401 UART mode MIDI interface Joystick Supports PC/PCI and Distributed DMA for legacy DMAC (8237) emulation Supports Serialized IRQ Supports Zoomed Video Port Supports Consumer IEC958 Port (SPDIF In/Out) Supports direct recording function for SPDIF In Capability for using SPDIF In and Zoomed Video Port at the same time. Supports AC'97 Interface (AC-Link) Revision 2.1 AC'97 Digital Docking Supports 4-Channel Speaker Hardware Volume Control EEPROM Interface Single Crystal operation (24.576MHz) Power supply: 3.3V for I/O (5V tolerant), 2.5V for Internal core logic 0.4mm pin pitch 128-pin LQFP (YMF754-R)

GENERAL MIDI logo is a trademark of Association of Musical Electronics Industry (AMEI), and indicates GM system level 1 Compliant. XG logo is a trademark of YAMAHA Corporation. SONDIUS-XG logo is a trademark that Stanford University in the United States and YAMAHA Corporation hold jointly. Sensaura logo is a trademark of Central Research Laboratories Limited.

1. GM system level 1 GM system level is a world standard format about MIDI synthesizer which provides voice arrangements and MIDI functions. is a format about MIDI synthesizer that is proposed by YAMAHA, and keeps the upper compatibility of GM system level 1. 3. SONDIUS-XG Products bearing the SONDIUS-XG logo are licensed under patents of Stanford University and YAMAHA Corporation as listed on <>. The SONDIUS-XG produces acoustic sound Therefore, it provides outputs by running a virtual simulation of the actual acoustic instrument operation. that simply processes the recorded acoustic sound sources only. of virtual acoustic sound to the XG format. 4. Sensaura is a technology which provides 3D positional audio and moving effect by HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) with 2 speakers or headphone. This feature makes it possible to enjoy invariable and unchangeable sound feelings in all-positional area covering as wide as 360 degrees. The good points are the voice arrangements kept extensively, a large number of the voices, modification of the voices, 3 kinds of effects, and so on.

much more real-world acoustic sound outputs fundamentally different from the Wavetable sound generator The SONDIUS-XG adds the technology





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BA7780KV : . The is a microphone amplifier developed for use in camcorders. The IC an electronic volume circuit for presetting the curve required for the stereo zoom function, a microphone element power supply regulator, a wind-noise rejection filter, a current limiting circuit for external accessory power supplies, and an input for external microphone input. The IC operates.

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HI-5701 : 6-Bit, 30MSPS, Flash A/D Converter. The is a monolithic, 6-bit, CMOS flash Analog-toDigital Converter. It is designed for high speed applications where wide bandwidth and low power consumption are essential. Its 30MSPS speed is made possible by a parallel architecture which also eliminates the need for an external sample and hold circuit. The HI-5701 delivers 0.7 LSB differential nonlinearity.

HI1276AIL : 8-bit, 500 Msps, Flash A/D Converter. The an 8-bit, ultra-high-speed, flash Analog-toDigital converter IC capable of digitizing analog signals at a maximum rate of 500 MSPS. The digital I/O levels of this A/D converter are compatible with ECL 100K/10KH/10K. The HI1276 is available in the Industrial temperature range and is supplied a 68 lead ceramic LCC package. Differential Linearity Error.

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NJM2110 : Monoral Mic Amp.for Video Camera. [CAUTION] The s on this databook are only given for information , without any guarantee as regards either mistakes or omissions. The application circuits in this databook are described only to show representative usages of the product and not intended for the guarantee or permission of any right including the industrial rights. .

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TA8225H : 1-channel. Package = Hzip 17-P-2.00 ;; Recommended VCC (V) = 13.2 ;; RL=2 Ohm = 40 W X 1 ;; RL=4 Ohm = 23 W X 1 ;; RL=8 Ohm = N/a ;; /built-in Functions = Standby Switch ;; Operating Voltage (V) = 9 to 18.

TAS5121 : Digital Amplifier Power Stage The TAS5121 is a High-performance Digital Amplifier Power Stage Designed to Drive a 4 Speaker up to 100 W. The Device Incorporates Purepath Digital Technology And CAN be Used in Conjunction With a ti Audio PWM Processor And a Simple Passive Demodulation Filter to Deliver High-quality, High-efficiency Digital Audio Amplification..

TDA6502 : Function Block. TDA6502; TDA6502A; TDA6503; TDA6503A; 5 V Mixers/oscillators And Synthesizers For Cable TV And VCR 2-band Tuners.

TSA5523 : TSA5523M; 1.4 GHZ I²C-bus Controlled Multimedia Synthesizer;; Package: SOT266-1 (SSOP20).

BT8048 : Melody Generator with Accompaniment Two Sound Sources with Envelope (CR Envelope) - 3.0V to 5.0V Operating Voltage - DC or AC Triggered Performance Start Mode (Mask Selected) - Can Drive an 8 Ohm Dynamic Loudspeaker if Provided Externally with a Transistor - Bare chip or 8-pin DIP/SOP (Plastic) Package available 5. Application : Acoustic & Broadcasting.

LM48510 : The LM48510 integrates a boost converter with a high efficiency mono, Class D audio power amplifier to provide 1.2W continuous power into an 8Ω speaker when operating on a 3.3V power supply with boost voltage (PV1) of 5.0V. When operating on a 3.3V power supply, the LM48510 is capable of driving a 4Ω speaker load at a continuous average.

NJW1221 : 4.1-channel Electronic Volume With 5 Bands Parametric Equalizer The NJW1221 is a 4.1-channel electronic volume with input selector. It includes master volume, fader volume, 5 band parametric equalizer, 7-input stereo audio selector, loudness, and sub-woofer function. The NJW1221 performs low noise and low distortion characteristics with resistance ladder.

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