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CategoryRF & Microwaves => Transceivers
DescriptionDescription = Receiver And Transmitter Interface ;; Package Type = Ssop ;; No. Of Pins = 28
CompanyZarlink Semiconductor
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Features, Applications

is a VHF oscillator, up-converter and prescaler. It is used in an offset modulated transmit architecture where a UHF synthesiser makes the channel selection and a second synthesiser generates a fixed transmit offset. A VCO signal drives a buffer ACE9020 to feed an onchip prescaler and transmit up-converter. The prescaler is a dual two-modulus divider and drives the main synthesiser input of the ACE9030. The SSB up-converter suppresses the unwanted transmit sideband. The VHF oscillator is buffered to drive the auxiliary synthesiser input of the ACE9030 and is locked to the offset frequency. This frequency is modulated by varying the resonant frequency of the external tank circuit. Both this oscillator and the UHF VCO drive the up-converting mixer to generate the transmit signal. Various power saving modes for battery economy are included. These allow the transmit sections to be shut down during stand-by and the whole chip can be shut down during sleep mode. The circuit techniques used have been chosen to minimise external components and at the same time give very high performance.

SSOP 28 lead package, code ACE9020B/KG/NP1S - anti-static sticks ACE9020B/KG/NP1T - tape mounted

Features Low Power Low Voltage 5.0 V) Operation Power Down Modes Differential Signals to Minimise Cross-talk Auxiliary Oscillator with Transmit Up-converter Prescaler for Main Synthesiser Part of the ACE Integrated Cellular Phone Chipset Small Outline 28 pin Package Applications AMPS and TACS Cellular Telephone Two-Way Radio Systems Related Products ACE9020 is part of the following chipset: ACE9030 Radio Interface and Twin Synthesiser ACE9040 Audio Processor ACE9050 System Controller and Data Modem ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS

Supply voltage Storage temperature Operating temperature Voltage at any pin Static Sensitivity (HBM) min -0.3V to VCC +0.3V 500V

Note: Pin 1 is identified by moulded spot and by coding orientation.

Pin No. Name PD1 PD2 GND BIAS_REF VCC_TX TXPA+ TXPARSET_TXPA GND_TXOSC TANK+ TANKVCC_DIV GND_OSC MOD_CNTRL DIV_OUT+ DIV_OUTRATIO_SEL GND_DIV TXOSC+ TXOSCVCC_TXOSC GND_RX RXVCOIN n.c. VCC_RX n.c. VCC Type I Supply I Supply O I Supply I Supply O Supply I Supply Description Power down control input 1 Power down control input 2 Ground Reference current for bias control Transmit section supply voltage Transmit up-converter open collector output Transmit up-converter open collector output Reference current for transmit oscillator Ground Transmit oscillator tank circuit Transmit oscillator tank circuit Divider section supply voltage Ground Modulus control input Divider output positive Divider output negative Ratio select Ground divider section Transmit oscillator monitor output positive Transmit oscillator monitor output negative Transmit oscillator supply voltage Ground Input buffer for 1GHz VCO signal from ACE9010 No connection Receiver section supply voltage No connection No connection ON/OFF logic supply voltage

These characteristics apply over these ranges of conditions (unless otherwise stated): TAMB + 85C, VCC 0.15V (see fig. 3 for test circuit).

Characteristic Supply Currents Sleep = 0 Standby = 0 Transmit Set = 1 Duplex = 1 Input Levels PD1, PD2 High PD1, PD2 Low Mod Cntrl High Mod Cntrl Low Ratio Sel High Ratio Sel Low Input Currents PD1, PD2 High PD1, PD2 Low Min Typ Max Vcc - 0.3 Vcc 40 0.1 Unit mA A

These characteristics apply over these ranges of conditions (unless otherwise stated): TAMB + 85C, VCC 0.15V or VCC 0.15V (see fig. 3 for test circuit).

Characteristic TXOSC Output Differential Output TxOsc Frequency / Supply Sensitivity Spurii > 700MHz Differential Output Capacitance External Tank Inductance = 90MHz External Tank Inductance = 122.5MHz Power up time (from standby) TXPA Output Signal Output Power (RL = 50) Noise = 45 MHz Noise = 25 kHz Harmonic Content Spurious - Image Spurious (fVCO 2faux) Spurious (fVCO 3faux) Spurious 15 kHz) except - 9faux Spurious - 9faux Spurii within to 940 MHz (note1) Other Spurii except image Isolation TXPA off = 1) Power up time Isolation TXPA to RVCOIN Residual Modulation (note 2) RVCOIN Input Signal Level Input Impedance Divider input frequency Upconverter input frequency Phase Noise = 45MHz Phase Noise = 25kHz Spurious - harmonic Spurious - non-harmonic Divider Differential Output Level Output Rise / Fall time Mod Control Set up time Mod Control Hold time Min 500 70 Typ Max Unit mV p-p MHz kHz dBc nH s dBm dBc/Hz dBc s dB dBm MHz dBc/Hz dBc mV p-p ns

Notes: 1. Exceptions. Harmonics of divider output -37dBc max applicable when fVCO = 975.1354 MHz Ratio 65 10th Harmonic of faux -47dBc applicable when faux = 90MHz, fVCO 989.9375MHz 2. Residual modulation referenced a 1kHz signal giving 3kHz deviation. Measured with 750 s de-emphasis and CCITT filter.


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