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The MA589 family are keypad switchable LD/DTMF dialler devices with a last number redial facility and twenty 24-digit memories, each with its own dedicated dialling key. Three operating modes are available: LD only mode, DTMF only mode and LD mode with the ability to switch temporarily to DTMF mode from the keypad during a call. This last mode enables subscribers to access such services as home banking Mixed LD and DTMF numbers can also be stored in memory. The-MA589 devices are pin compatible with the GPS switchable dialler families MA547, MA585 and MA587 - providing a complete range of telephone features within a single PCB and circuit design. Metal mask and pin selectable options are available to service specific requirements of particular countries and customers.


Selectable Loop-Disconnect or DTMF Modes Keypad Switchable LD to DTMF 20 X24-Digit Memories, each with Dedicated Key 24 Digit Last Number Redial Selectable Make/Break Ratios 2:1 and 3:2 Uses Inexpensive 560kHz Ceramic Resonator Battery-less operation - Low Power CMOS Mask Programmable Options to suit Application Timed Break Recall (Flash) and Earth Recall

Pin number Pin name NC IMP SELECT MASK OSC OUT OSC IN FILT IN FILT OUT HSW VSS VDD PAUSE OUT MF OUT MUTE ROW6 ROW7 Function Not connected 'Loop disconnect' dialling output LD/DTMF selection, IDP and B/M radio programming Output to disable speech circuit during pulse dialling and recall (see note 1) Connections for 560kHz ceramic resonator Unity gain amplifier input and output for DTMF tone filtering Hookswitch input - a logic 1 at this pin is used to indicate 'Off-hook' Negative supply Positive supply Active high output indicating a pause when dialling from memory Unfiltered DTMF output Output active during keying and tone transmission (see note 2)

1. MASK may be used to disconnect the whole speech circuit in order to maintain the break condition whilst on-hook and during a TBR (Timed Flash) operation. 2. MUTE is provided to disable the microphone while maintaining the loop condition during DTMF transmission.

Power-on When power is applied to the chip, a power-on reset circuit operates and ensures that the last number redial store is cleared and all logic is reset. The power-on reset circuit is designed such that if the chip supply voltage drops to a level at which the LNR store may be corrupted, it will always, under all conditions, clear the store when power is restored, so that corrupt data is not retained. Hookswitch Operation The HSW input is used to inform the MA589 of whether the telephone on or off hook. Logic `0' is recognised as on-hook, Logic `1' is recognised as off-hook. When the HSW input rises from to `1' the off-hook state is recognised immediately and keypad inputs are accepted. However, when the HSW input falls from to `0' the onhook state is not recognised for 200300ms. This is so that short line breaks of less than 200ms, such as line reversals applied bv the exchange, are ignored. In this case the IMP and MASK outputs will go low immediately the HSW input goes low in order to preserve current, but will resume normal operation immediately HSW goes high. On-hook state In the on-hook state all chip outputs are set low, the oscillator circuit is inhibited and no key inputs are accepted. This conserves supply current so that the LNR store contents may be retained.

Off-hook state When the HSW input goes high, the MASK output immediately goes to the logic `1' level and remains there until going on-hook or signalling a TBR, (see timing diagram). COLUMN outputs also go high until a key is pressed. The oscillator circuit remains inactive until a key is pressed, and is normally off whenever timing functions are not required. Keypad Operation A single contact, normally open keypad is required. When off-hook the COLUMN outputs are normally held high and the ROW inputs are low. When a key is pressed this connects a COLUMN output to a ROW input and the ROW input is pulled high. This action initiates keyboard scanning. During keyboard scanning, the COLUMN outputs are normally low but generate scanning pulses at 7ms intervals on each output in sequence. A key is accepted as valid when, two successive scanning pulses from the same COLUMN are seen on a ROW input. Hence, the minimum bounce-free key closure period which is necessary to guarantee detection is about 14ms (plus the oscillator start-up time if it was not already running). Simultaneous key depressions If two keys are pressed simultaneously (i.e a second key is pressed before the first has been verified) neither key will be accepted until both keys are released and the correct key is pressed again.


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