Details, datasheet, quote on part number: SP4666MPT
DescriptionSP4666 - 1.3GHz Divide 64/256 Prescaler With Low Current And Low Radiation
CompanyZarlink Semiconductor
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Features, Applications

The is a selectable division ratio high speed divider capable of replacing separate fixed ratio ECL prescalers with a single part in applications with alternative 464 and 4256 division requirements. A switched low pass filter with 23dB points at 53MHz and 156MHz is connected before the output stage to reduce the harmonic content to a very low level.


s Switched Low Pass Filter for Very Low Output Radiation s Low Supply Current s Input Wideband Amplifier s High Input Sensitivity s High Input Impedance s Balanced ECL Outputs s Electrostatic Protection

Supply voltage, VCC Input voltage Storage temperature Operating temperature range 17V 25V p-p 0C to180C

These characteristics are guaranteed over the following conditions (unless otherwise stated): TAMB to 180C, VCC to 55V (Test circuit see Fig. 3) Characteristic Pin Min. Supply current, ICC Input sensitivity to 1300MHz Input overload Input impedance Output voltage with 12pF load 8 2,3 Value Typ. Max. pF V p-p V p-p V p-p V p-p V p-p V p-p V A Units Conditions VCC = 15V RMS sinewave (50 system)

See Fig. 6 464 mode, fIN 100MHz 4256 mode, fIN 100MHz 464 mode, fIN 1000MHz 4256 mode, fIN 1000MHz 464 mode, fIN 1300MHz 4256 mode, fIN = 1300MHz

Output impedance Output imbalance Voltage for 4256 operation Voltage for 464 operation Sink current for 4256 operation

NOTES 1. Pin 5 has an internal pull-up and may be left open-circuit for 464 operation. 2. The difference between the maximum input sensitivity and minimum overload voltage is the guaranteed dynamic range. Input signal levels should be maintained within these limits at all frequencies.

NOTE: For 464 operation, pin 5 may be left open circuit or connected to 15V
Fig. 6 Typical input impedance (frequencies in MHz)


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