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DescriptionSP4740 - 1.3GHz Divide 256 Prescaler With Low Current And Low Radiation
CompanyZarlink Semiconductor
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Features, Applications

The SP4740 4256 prescaler is one of GPS' range of high speed dividers for consumer frequency synthesis and measurement systems. It has a low supply current, giving reduced dissipation and operating temperatures an 8-pin plastic DIL (DP8) or miniature plastic DIL (MP8) package. Spurious radiation has been reduced from all stages. The SP4740 incorporates an on-chip preamplifier with differential inputs and has a TTL/CMOS compatible output.


s Low Supply Current s Low Radiation s Input Wideband Amplifier s High Input Sensitivity s High Input Impedance s TTL/CMOS Output s Electrostatic Protection

Supply voltage, VCC Input voltage Storage temperature Operating temperature range 17V 25V p-p 0C to180C

These characteristics are guaranteed over the following conditions (unless otherwise stated): TAMB to 170C, VCC to 55V (Test circuit see Fig. 3) Characteristic Pin Min. Supply current, ICC Input sensitivity 12GHz 13GHz Input overload Input impedance Output voltage High Low 8 2,3 Value Typ. Max. pF V VCC = 15V RMS sinewave Units Conditions

NOTE The difference between the maximum input sensitivity and minimum overload voltage is the guaranteed dynamic range. Input signal levels should be maintained within these limits at all frequencies.


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