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CategoryPower Management => Voltage References => 1.25V
DescriptionPrecision 1.25v Micropower Voltage Reference
CompanyZetex Inc.
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Features, Applications

The ZR12D uses a bandgap circuit design to achieve a precision micropower voltage reference of 1.25 volts. The device is available in a small outline SOT23 surface mount package, ideal for applications where space saving is important. The ZR12D design provides a stable voltage without an external capacitor and is stable with capacitive loads. The ZR12D is recommended for operation between 50A and 5mA and so is ideally suited to low power and battery powered applications. Excellent performance is maintained to an absolute maximum of 25mA, however the rugged design and 20 volt processing allows the reference to withstand transient effects and currents to 200mA. Superior switching capability allows the device to reach stable operating conditions in only a few microseconds.


Small outline SOT23 package No stabilising capacitor required Typical TC 30ppm/C Typical slope resistance 3% tolerance Industrial temperature range Operating current to 5mA Transient response, stable in less than 10s Alternative package options and tolerances are available


Battery powered and portable equipment. Metering and measurement systems. Instrumentation. Data acquisition systems. Precision power supplies. Test equipment.

Reverse Current Forward Current Operating Temperature Storage Temperature to 125C Power Dissipation SOT23 330mW


SYMBOL PARAMETER CONDITIONS MIN VR IMIN ZR Reverse Breakdown Voltage Minimum Operating Current Recommended Operating Current Average Reverse Breakdown Voltage Temp. Co. IR(min) to IR(max) Slope Resistance Reverse Dynamic Impedance Wideband Noise Voltage = 100Hz IAC= IR=150A 1.21 LIMITS TYP MAX A mA ppm/C TOL. % UNITS

Note: VR(max) - VR(min) is the maximum deviation in reference voltage measured over the full operating temperature range.


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