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CategoryPower Management => Regulators => Linear Voltage Regulators => Fixed
Description5v Enhanced Positive Local Voltage Regulator
CompanyZetex Inc.
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Features, Applications

The is an enhanced three terminal fixed positive 5 volt regulator. The device is designed particularly for use in Satellite receiver low noise blocks where a high degree of supply rejection is required to extended frequencies. The device has been improved to give superior performance with ripple rejection 22KHz , and to 200KHz. The device features internal circuit current limit and thermal shutdown making it almost impossible to destroy. The ZSAT500 shows performance characteristics superior to other local voltage regulators. The initial output voltage is maintained to within 2.5% with a quiescent current of typically 350A. Line and load regulation is superior to that of other devices, with load current to a maximum 200mA. For the LNB application the regulator is offered in a surface mount SOT223 package which permits power dissipation to 3 watts. Additionally the device can be made available an SO8 surface mount package, as well as TO92 for through hole application.

The devices are suited to local voltage regulation applications, where problems could be encountered with distributed single source regulation, as well as more general voltage regulation applications.


Enhanced ripple rejection at 22kHz Small outline SO8 and SOT223 packages TO92 package 5 volt output Output current upto 200mA Tight initial tolerance Low quiescent current to 125C temperature range No external components Internal thermal shutdown Internal short circuit current limit


Input voltage Output Current(Io) Operating Temperature Storage Temperature to 150C Power Dissipation 780mW(Note 3)

Quiescent Current Change to 20V Output Noise Voltage f=200KHz 75
Input Voltage Required To Maintain Regulation Average Temperature Coefficient to 125C
Reverse Supply IGI=500mA Protection Diode Forward Voltage


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