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These devices are precision timing circuits for generation of accurate time delays or oscillation. Advanced circuit design means that these devices can operate from a single battery cell with the minimum of quiescent current. In monostable mode time delays are controlled by a single resistor and capacitor network. In astable mode the frequency and an d independently controlled with two external resistors and one capacitor. The threshold and trigger levels are normally set as a proportion of VCC by internal resistors. These levels can be programmed by the use of the control input pin. When the trigger input reduces to a value below the trigger level, the flip-flop is set and the output goes high. With the trigger input above the trigger level and the threshold input above the threshold level, the flip-flop is reset

and the output goes low. The reset pin has priority over all the other inputs and is used to start new timing cycles. A low on the reset input causes the flip-flop to reset forcing the output low. Whenever the output is forced low then the internal discharge transistor is turned on.


0.9V supply operating voltage guaranteed Pin connections comparable with 555 series timers Very low quiescent current A SO8 and DIL8 packages Operating temperature range compatible with battery technologies

Portable and battery powered equipment Low voltage and low power systems

Supply Voltage Input Voltages (Cont, Reset, Thres, Trig) Output Current Operating Temperature Storage Temperature to 150C Power Dissipation SO8 625mW Recommended Operating Conditions Supply Voltage 0.9V(min) 6V(max) Input Voltages 6V(max) (Cont, Reset, Thres, Trig) Output Current Sink 100mA(max) Source 150A(max)


SYMBOL PARAMETER CONDITIONS MIN. VCC ICC VTH ITH VTR ITR tPD VRS IRS IDS VDS VCT VOL Supply Voltage Supply Current Threshold Voltage VCC= 5V Threshold Current (Note 1) Trigger Voltage VCC= 5V Trigger Current Trigger Propagation delay Reset Voltage Reset Current Discharge switch Off-state current Discharge switch On-state voltage Control Voltage (Open Circuit) VCC= 5V Output Voltage (Low) VCC=5V, IOL=100mA Reset @ 0V Delay from trigger to output IDS= 0.2mA VCC= 5V, IDS= 0 no load VCC= 5V, no load LIMITS TYP. MAX. V mA UNITS

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Continued) TEST CONDITIONS (Unless otherwise stated):Tamb=25C,VCC=1.5V

SYMBOL PARAMETER CONDITIONS MIN. tR tF Output pulse rise time Output pulse fall time Timing error, Monostable Initial accuracy (Note 2) Drift with supply voltage Drift with temperature Timing error, Astable Initial accuracy (Note 2) Drift with supply voltage Drift with temperature Astable maximum frequency CL= VCC=5V, CL=10pF CL= VCC=5V, CL=10pF RA= 50 k RB= = 68nF RA= 50 k RB= RA=20 k RB= CT =47pF LIMITS TYP. MAX. s ns UNITS

tIA(m) tV(m) tT(m) tIA(a) tV(a) tT(a) fA

Note 1: This will influence the maximum values of RA and RB (RAMAX=10M,RBMAX=1.5M) Note 2: Is defined as the difference between the measured value and the average value of a random sample taken on a batch basis


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