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The is a frequency swept alarm signal generator designed specifically for static and automotive security alarm st e ms. n g capacitors, an in-expensive TO92 darlington, piezo transducer and coupling transformer is all that is necessary to produce an ear piercing 120 dB alarm siren. Including an audio frequency signal generator, low frequency sweep generator, disable circuitry and output driver stages, the ZSD100 provides every function necessary to produce a standard alarm signal. Available in either an 8 pin DIL or SO package the IC gives a low cost compact solution to siren signal generation. The device operates from supplies to 18V and is ideal for security alarms in battery powered applications, burglar alarms and automotive anti theft systems.


4-18V Operating voltage range. Small external component count. Direct drive of darlington, mosfet and IGBT output stages. Single ended or push-pull output stages. Suitable for automotive and static alarm systems. Low supply current - 10mA operating - 1A sleep mode Low cost 8 pin DIL & SO packages. User selected audio and sweep frequencies. to 125C operating temperature range. Choice of modulation waveform.

Low Frequency Oscillator Output Driver Control Voltage Audio Voltage Controlled Oscillator Output C OUT Q

The audio signal of the ZSD100 is generated using a squarewave oscillator whose output is capable of directly driving a wide range of output circuits. To produce a characteristic alarm siren sound, the frequency of the audio oscillator is swept over a fixed 2:1 range by a second, low frequency oscillator. The freqencies of both oscillators are controlled by RT(INT) and capacitors CMOD and COUT.

Low Frequency Oscillator Output Driver Control Voltage Audio Voltage Controlled Oscillator Output C OUT Q

1. RT Optional external resistor for improved frequency control. An external resistor improves the control of both the modulating and output oscillators. The RT pin is also used to power the device down. Either connecting RT to VCC or an open circuit will result in the device being disabled. Selection of modulation waveform is made using the SAW pin. An open circuit produces a triangle wave, sawtooth is achieved by connecting SAW to the CMOD pin. An external capacitor is used to program the low frequency modulating oscillator. The value of CMOD recommended is between 0.1F and 100F.

GND COUT An external capacitor is used to program the output oscillator. The value of COUT recommended is between 1nF and 100nF. Non inverted output driver Inverted output driver

Vcc Operating Temperature Storage Temperature to 150C Power Dissipation DIL8 625mW

Supply Voltage Operating VCC Range Supply Current Disabled Enabled Modulating Oscillator Frequency Range

Centre Frequency ( Note 2) FOUT Deviation Duty Cycle
Output Source Current Sink Current Open Circuit Voltage

Frequency Control Components Internal Resistor External Resistor Modulation Capacitor Output Capacitor


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