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CategoryPower Management => Regulators => Linear Regulators => Positive
Description2.85 to 12 Volt Fixed Positive Local Voltage Regulator
CompanyZetex Inc.
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Features, Applications

The ZSR Series three terminal fixed positive voltage regulators feature internal circuit current limit and thermal shutdown making the devices difficult to destroy. The circuit design allows creation of any custom voltage in the range to 12 volts. The devices are available in a small outline surface mount package, ideal for applications where space saving is important, as well as through hole TO92 style packaging. The devices are suited to local voltage regulation applications, where problems could be encountered with distributed single source regulation, ore ge ner a l vol t age applications. The ZSR Series show performance characteristics superior to other local voltage regulators. The initial output voltage is maintained to within 2.5% with a quiescent current of typically 350A. Output voltage change, with input voltage and load current, is much lower than competitive devices. The ZSR devices are completely stable with no external components. 10.0V 12.0V


to 12 Volt Output current to 200mA Tight initial tolerance Low quiescent current to 125C temperature range No external components Internal thermal shutdown Internal short circuit current limit

Input voltage Output Current(Io) Operating Temperature Storage Temperature to 150C Power Dissipation 780mW(Note 3)

1. The maximum operating input voltage and output current of the device will be governed by the maximum power dissipation of the selected package. Maximum package power dissipation is specified 25 C and must be linearly derated to zero Tamb=125C. 2. The following data represents pulse test conditions with junction temperatures as indicated at the initiation of the test. Continuous operation of the devices with the stated conditions might exceed the power dissipation limits of the chosen package. 3. Maximum power dissipation, for the SOT223 and SO8 packages, is calculated assuming that the device is mounted on a PCB measuring 2 inches square. 4. The shut down feature of the device operates if its temperature exceeds its design limit as might occur during external faults, short circuits etc. If the regulator is supplied from an inductive source then a large voltage transient, on the regulator input, can result should the shut down circuit operate. It is advised that a capacitor (1F or greater) should be applied across the regulator input to ensure that the maximum voltage rating of the device is not exceeded under shutdown conditions.

SYMBOL PARAMETER VO Output Voltage to 200mA CONDITIONS MIN. 2.78 2.736 TYP. 2.85 MAX. =5.0mA 0.1 mV/C 62 4.55 UNITS V rms dB V

Vin lq Vn Line Regulation Load Regulation Quiescent Current Quiescent Current Change Output Noise Voltage to 20V

Vin /VO Ripple Rejection Vin VO /T Input Voltage Required To Maintain Regulation Average Temperature Coefficient V O

SYMBOL PARAMETER VO Output Voltage to 200mA Vin lq Vn Line Regulation Load Regulation Quiescent Current to 20V

Quiescent Current Change to 20V Output Noise Voltage O =5.0mA

Vin /VO Ripple Rejection Vin VO /T Input Voltage Required To Maintain Regulation Average Temperature Coefficient V O

SYMBOL PARAMETER VO Output Voltage lq Vn Line Regulation Load Regulation Quiescent Current to 20V
Quiescent Current Change to 20V Output Noise Voltage O =5.0mA

Vin /VO Ripple Rejection Vin VO /T Input Voltage Required To Maintain Regulation Average Temperature Coefficient V O


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