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CategoryOptoelectronics => Photosensors => Photodiodes => Avalanche Photodiodes
DescriptionNon-cooled - Large Area Apd Module
CompanyAdvanced Photonix
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Features, Applications

Substitute a "0" for windowless, a "1" for a windowed device for the X designator in the part number. Sensitivity and NEP for DUV, UV, Blue, and Red/IR specified at the following light wavelengths 350nm, 500nm, and 750nm, respectively. 9 Operating beyond these limits may cause permanent damage to the device.

Feedback Resistance (k1) Output Impedence (1) Linear Output Swing (V) Output Stability Typical (%/C) Current Consumption of Supply -12V +12V Typ Max (mA) Gain, @ h=675nm Operating Temp Range (C) Storage Temp Range (C) Continuous Incident Light Intensity (W) @ h=675nm Supply Voltage (V) 10mm 16mm

API P/N 129-10-611 Cable assembly has a 3.0 foot cable connected to a mating Lemo connector. Cable Assembly Wiring Table Wire Color

Red Green Black Red/Black White/Black Orange Blue White


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