Details, datasheet, quote on part number: KMP47C102
Description4-bit Microcontrollers
CompanyKorea Electronics (KEC)
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KMP47C102M 4-bit Microcontrollers

BC859 : Description = General Purpose Transistor ;; Package = SOT-23

F1B2CCI : Description = Fast Recovery Diode ;; Package = TO-220IS

KDS135S : Small Signal Description = Switching Diode ;; Package = SOT-23

KIA79L12F : Three Terminal Negative Voltage Regulators

KMP47C101P : 4-bit Microcontrollers

KMP47C422N : 4-bit Microcontrollers

KRA558E : BRTs Description = Built in Bias Resistor ;; Package = Tesv

KRA766E : BRTs Description = Built in Bias Resistor ;; Package = TES6

KC2801-26-10W1-18 : EMC Circular Backsheels

KIC3201S-53 : CMOS Linear Integrated Circuit Large Current Positive Voltage Regulator

KHB3D0N90P1 : N Channel MOS Field Effect Transistor

KIA1117API25 : Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit

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BYD1100 : BYD1100; Hyper Fast Soft-recovery Rectifier;; Package: SOD87 (LLDL). Glass passivated High maximum operating temperature Low leakage current Excellent stability Smallest surface mount rectifier outline Shipped 8 mm embossed tape. and fatigue free as coefficients of expansion of all used parts are matched. Cavity free cylindrical glass package through ImplotecTM(1) technology. This package is hermetically sealed LIMITING.

C8051F206 : System On Chip. Mixed-signal 8KB Isp Flash MCU. SAR ADC 12-bit Resolution (`F206) 8-Bit Resolution (`F220/1/6) 1/4 LSB INL (8-bit) and 2 LSB INL to 32 Channel Input Multiplexer; Each Port I/O Pin can be an ADC Input Two Comparators 16 Programmable Hysteresis States Configurable to Generate Interrupts or Reset VDD Monitor and Brown-out Detector On-Chip Debug Circuitry Facilitates Full Speed, Nonintrusive.

C8051F226 : System On Chip. Mixed-signal 8KB Isp Flash MCU. ANALOG PERIPHERALS 8-bit, 32-Channel ADC - 32 External Inputs (Each Port I/O can be configured as an ADC Input on the Fly!) - 1/2LSB INL - No Missing Codes - Programmable Throughput to 100ksps Two Comparators - Programmable Hysteresis - Configurable to Generate Interrupts or Reset VDD Monitor and Brown-out Detector ON-CHIP JTAG EMULATION - On-Chip.

DSTINIM400 : DS80C400 (DSTINIM400) DSTINIM400 Networked Microcontroller Evaluation Kit.

KS86C4204 : Sam87ri Family of 8-bit Single-chip CMOS Microcontrollers Offers a Fast And Efficient Cpu, a Wide Range of Integrated Peripherals, And Various Mask-pr.

LPC2292 : 16/32-bit Arm Microcontrollers; 256 KB Isp/iap Flash With CAN, 10-bit ADC And External Memory Interfacebased on a 16/32 Bit ARM7TDMI-STM Cpu With Real-time Emulation And Embedded Trace Support, Together With 256 Kilobytes (kB) of Embedded High Speed Flash Memory. A 128-bit Wide Memory Interface And a Unique Accelerator Architecture Enable 32-bit Code.

MC68HC05LJ5P : M68HC05 Family. 68HC05LJ5 General Release .

P90CL301BFH : CISC ->8051/80C51 Family-> 80C51. P90CL301BFH (C100); Low Voltage 16-bit Microcontroller.

PIC16LF628 : Flash-based 8-bit CMOS Microcontrollers. Power-on Reset (POR) Power-up Timer (PWRT) and Oscillator Start-up Timer (OST) Brown-out Detect (BOD) Watchdog Timer (WDT) with its own on-chip RC oscillator for reliable operation Multiplexed MCLR-pin Programmable weak pull-ups on PORTB Programmable code protection Low voltage programming Power saving SLEEP mode Selectable oscillator options - FLASH.

S3P8075 : S3C8(KS88) Series. = S3P8075 General Purpose 8 Bit Microcontroller ;; ROM(KB) = 16 ;; RAM(bytes) = 272 ;; I/o Pins = 56 ;; Interrupt (Int/Ext) = 5/12 ;; Timer/counters = BT/WDT/8Tx2/16Tx2 ;; Serial Interface = UART(2) ;; LCD (Seg/Com) = - ;; ADC (BitxCh) = - ;; PWM(BitxCh) = (8x2) ;; Max. OSC.Freq. (MHz) = 12 ;; VDD(V) = 2.7~5.5 ;; Other = General Purpose.

SAA5532 : Enhanced TV Microcontrollers With On-screen Display Osd. SAA55xx Enhanced TV microcontrollers with On-Screen Display (OSD) Preliminary Supersedes data of 1999 Aug 02 File under Integrated Circuits, IC02 2000 Feb 23 Enhanced TV microcontrollers with On-Screen Display (OSD) CONTENTS GENERAL QUICK REFERENCE DATA ORDERING INFORMATION BLOCK DIAGRAM PINNING INFORMATION Pinning Pin MICROCONTROLLER Microcontroller.

SAK-TC1765T-L40EB : 32-bit Microcontroller For Automotive And Industrial Applications (e.g. Engine Management, Transmission, Starter Generator or 3-phase Motor Control).

SE370C759AFZT : TMS370 8-bit. ti SE370C759A, 8-Bit Microcontroller. CMOS/EEPROM/EPROM Technologies on a Single Device Mask-ROM Devices for High-Volume Production One-Time-Programmable (OTP) EPROM Devices for Low-Volume Production Reprogrammable EPROM Devices for Prototyping Purposes Internal System Memory Configurations On-Chip Program Memory Versions ROM: to 48K Bytes EPROM: to 48K Bytes ROM-less Data.

TMP86CH21F : TLCS-870/C. ROM Size = 16Kbytes ;; RAM Size = 512 Bytes ;; Supply Voltage = 1.8 to 5.5 ;; I/o Count = 39 ;; Unique = 32seg X 4com LCD Driver, SIO/UART, 8 X 10-bit ADC,1 X 18-bit & 4 X 8-bit Timer ;; Additional Information = More Info.

TMP87H40 : CISC->TMP. CMOS 8-bit Microcontroller.

TMP87PM14F : TLCS-870 Series. ROM Size = 32K ;; RAM Size = 1K ;; Supply Voltage = - ;; I/o Count = - ;; Unique = - ;; Additional Information = More Info.

Z86L04 : ROM (KB)  = 1 ;; RAM  = 125 ;; Speed  = 8 ;; I/O  = 14 ;; 8-bit Timers  = 2 ;; Comm Interfaces  = -- ;; Other   = Por, LV Protect ;; Voltage  = 2.0-3.9V ;;.

SAF-XC164N-8F20F BB : XC164CS The XC164CS is a derivative of the popular C166 microcontroller families. Based on the enhanced C166S V2 architecture it outperforms existing 16 bit solutions.

EM78P419N : EM78P417/8/9N is 8-bit microprocessors designed and developed with low-power and high-speed CMOS technology. It is equipped with a 4K*13-bit Electrical One Time Programmable Read Only Memory (OTP-ROM). With its OTP-ROM feature, it is able to offer a convenient way of developing and verifying your programs. Moreover, it provides a protect bit to guard.

LM3S5C36 : Stellaris Microcontroller Stellaris Microcontroller. Audience. About This Manual. Related Documents. Documentation Conventions Functional Overview 39 ARM Cortex-M3 39 On-Chip Memory. 41 Serial Communications Peripherals. 42 System Integration. 46 Advanced Motion Control. 51 Analog. 53 JTAG and ARM Serial Wire Debug. 55 Packaging and Temperature 56 Target Applications. 56 High-Level Block Diagram.

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