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DescriptionDescription = SPDT Diode Switch, Reflective With Driver ;; Freq. Range = 0.25-18 GHZ
CompanyMCE KDI Integrated Products
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Features, Applications

The Model SWM-1200 SPDT PIN Diode switch operates over the full frequency range 0.5-18.0 GHz in a single unit. KDI/Triangle has integrated microstrip soft substrate with thick film hybrid drivers, which are designed and fabricated "in-house." The housing is epoxy sealed to meet the gross leak requirements of MILSTD-883. SMA connectors are removable.

Frequency Range: DC Requirements: Logic: Temperature: Switching speed: 0.5-18 GHz 100 mA TTL Compatible, Logic "0" enables thru path to +85C, operating to +125C, storage 100 nsec. maximum 90%/10% RF Rise/Fall time= 50 nsec. Maximum VSWR: RF Power: SMA Connectors: 2:1 maximum (on only) +20dB maximum. Removable

New! Absorbtive Model SWM-1200A available (consult factory)


0.078[1,98] DIA. THRU (6) MTG. HOLES 0.09[2,29].018[4,57] DIA. PIN (3) PLS. J1 RFIN J3 RFOUT J2 RFOUT

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SWM-1300 Description = SP3T Diode Switch, Reflective With Driver ;; Freq. Range = 0.25-18 GHZ
SWM-1400 Description = SP4T Diode Switch, Reflective With Driver ;; Freq. Range = 0.25-18 GHZ
SWM1100 Description = SPST Diode Switch, Reflective With Driver ;; Freq. Range = 0.25-18 GHZ
SWX-01 Description = Pin Diode Switches, High ISOlation-surface Mount ;; Freq. Range = 0.2-2.4 GHZ
TB-412-HASD Description = SP4T Diode Switch, Narrowband ;; Freq. Range = 0.1-18 GHZ
TB-515-HARD Description = SP5T Diode Switch, Broadband ;; Freq. Range = 0.1-18 GHZ
TB-611-HASD Description = SP6T Diode Switch, Broadband ;; Freq. Range = 0.02-18 GHZ
TB-812-SD Description = SP8T Diode Switch, Broadband ;; Freq. Range = 0.02-18 GHZ
TL-472-SD-1 Description = SP4T Diode Switch, Narrowband ;; Freq. Range = 0.1-18 GHZ
VB-17-HASD Description = SP3T Diode Switch, Reflective & Absorptive ;; Freq. Range = 0.02-18 GHZ
VM-A05S Description = Vector Modulators For Mcpa Applications ;; Freq. Range = Standard Models Covering 400-3000 MHZ
VN-11-HASD-1 Description = SP3T Diode Switch, Reflective & Absorptive ;; Freq. Range = 0.02-18 GHZ
XB-11-HAD-1 Description = SPDT Diode Switch, Broadband ;; Freq. Range = 0.02-18 GHZ
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1SV307 : VR (v) = 30 ;; Ir (A) = 0.1 ;; VF(v) = 1 ;; CT(pF) = 0.5 ;; .rs(Typ.) Ohms = 1 ;; Package = Usc ;; Application = SingleSW, Att.

1X610 : = Xinger Directional Couplers ;; Size LXWXH = 0.56 X 0.2 X 0.071" ;; Packaging = Surface Mount ;; Frequency MHZ = 2300-2700 ;; Power Handling Watts = 60.

AS124-61 : GAAS ic SP4T Non-reflective Switch. -5 V Operation High Isolation @ 1.9 GHz) Low Insertion Loss @ 1.9 GHz) LQFP-32 Plastic Package Non-Reflective All Ports The is a high isolation SP4T FET IC nonreflective switch. The switch operates with 0 and -5 V over the frequency range of DC2.5 GHz. The insertion loss 0.7 dB and isolation at 1.9 GHz. The switch is ideal for base station switch matrices.

MA4SW210B-1 :  SP2T Hmic Silicon Switch With Bias Network. Monolithic Pin Diode Switches with Integrated Bias Network Broad Bandwith Specified to 18 GHz Usable to 26 GHz Integrated Bias Network Low Insertion Loss / High Isolation Rugged, Fully Monolithic, Glass Encapsulated Construction The MA4SW210B-1 and MA4SW310B-1 devices are SP2T and SP3T broad band switches with integrated bias networks utilizing M/A-COM's.

MASWSM0002 :  5.2 GHZ SPDT Switch. UNII, Hiperlan, and 802.11a Applications Low Insertion Loss: 1.0 dB Typical High Isolation: 21 dB Typical Low Leakage Current: 1 A Fast Switching Speed 4 mm FQFP-N Plastic Surface Mount Package The is a low loss RF switch mounted in a standard outline 4 mm, 16 pin FQFP-N leadless plastic package. It is designed for U-NII, Hiperlan, and 802.11a applications.

MD54-0003 : 1700-2000 Mhz, Mmic Medium Level Mixer. Low Conversion Loss +21 dBm Input Power 1 dB Compression Typical Two-Tone IM Ratio of 50 dBc LO Drive Level: to +23 dBm - 200 MHz IF Bandwidth Low Cost Plastic SOIC Package M/A-COM's is a passive mixer that achieves the performance of a double balanced diode mixer in a low cost surface mount plastic SOIC 8-lead package. The MD54-0003 is ideally suited.

MSC81035M : Avionics Transistors. Avionics Applications RF & Microwave Transistors.

PA1133 : LNAs. 1850-1910 Mhz, 160 W, Linear Power Amplifier.

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RMLA3565-58 : MMIC. Circuit = Wideband Low Noise Mmic Amplifier ;; Frequency = 3.5-6.5 GHZ.

RMPA0913C-58 : MMIC. Type = Cellular, Cmda ;; Circuit = 3.5V Amps/cdma Power Amplifier ;; Frequency = 824-849 MHZ.

T60007 : Phase Control SCR ( 125-175 Amperes Avg 100-1600 Volts ).

MAX2842 : 3.3GHz To 3.9GHz MIMO Wireless Broadband RF Transceiver The MAX2842 single-chip, direct-conversion, zero-IF RF transceiver IC is designed for 3GHz NLOS wireless broadband MIMO systems. It has two transmitters and two receivers, with differential 100? RF inputs and outputs. The IC includes all circuitry required to implement the complete RF transceiver.

SST12LP18E : 2.4 GHz High-Power, High-Gain Power Amplifier Please consider this device: SST12LP19E. View Side By Side Comparison The SST12LP18E is a versatile power amplifier based on the highly-reliable InGaP/GaAs HBT technology. The SST12LP19E can be easily configured for high-power applications with good power-added efficiency while operating over the 2.4- 2.5 GHz frequency.

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