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DescriptionHigh Output, Short Arc Xenon Flashlamp With Internal Reflector
CompanyPerkin Elmer Optoelectronics
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Features, Applications

1100 Series FX-1160 High Output, Short Arc Xenon Flashlamp with Internal Reflector

The FX-1160 Reflector Lamp has greater than 40% more usable light intensity than our standard FX-1150 and is completely interchangeable. PerkinElmer customers have the option of either taking advantage of the greatly increased light output or they can operate the at a reduced input energy. Lower energy operation equates to increased lamp life and stability. The hemispherical reflector internal to the FX-1160 should not be confused with competitive types employing paraboloids or ellipsoids in which all of the forward direct light is nonrecoverable and becomes a serious source of optical scattering. PerkinElmer's FX-1160 has an electrode orientation which does not block the forward light emission and therefore does not cause a "black hole" in the output beam profile. The optical design of the FX-1160 is ideal for use with lenses and fiber bundles, and provides the additional advantage of reduced optical noise by preventing back-plane scattering caused by the pin base. Applications that will benefit from this new PerkinElmer product introduction include: Absorption Spectroscopy, Fluorimetry, HPLC and Machine Vision.


Greater than 40% more usable light intensity than FX-1150 Ideal for use with Optical Lenses and Fiber Bundles Low optical "noise" Continuous spectrum UV-VIS-IR Long life Low heat radiation Microsecond flash duration High efficiency output in the blue Interchangeable with FX-1150

FX-1160, High Output Short Arc Xenon Flashlamp with Internal Reflector

Type FX 1165 Arc Length (mm) Spectral Distribution (nm) Window Material Borosilicate UV VUV Borosilicate UV VUV Energy per Flash (joules) 0.5 MAX. 0.5 MAX. Average Power (watts) 20 MAX. 20 MAX. Voltage (Vdc) Flash Rate (Hz) 300 MAX. 300 MAX. Life (flashes) Total Light Output Stability <1% * variation <1% * variation Spatial Movement Lite-Pac Type

High Power Flashlamps Number of flashes 50% of initial radiometric light output

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