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CategoryMemory => Flash => Serial Flash => SPI Serial Flash
TitleSPI Serial Flash
Description3.0 Volt-only, Serial Flash Memory With 25 MHZ Spi Bus Interface
CompanyProgrammable Microelectronics Corporation (PMC)
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Features, Applications
512 Kbit / 1 Mbit 3.0 Volt-only, Serial Flash Memory With 25 MHz SPI Bus Interface FEATURES

Single Power Supply Operation - Low voltage range: 3.6 V Memory Organization 8 (512 Kbit) 8 (1 Mbit) Cost Effective Sector/Block Architecture - Uniform 4 Kbyte sectors - Uniform 32 Kbyte blocks (8 sectors per block) - Two blocks with 32 Kbytes each (512 Kbit) - Four blocks with 32 Kbytes each (1 Mbit) - 128 pages per block Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Compatible - Supports SPI Modes 0 (0,0) and 3 (1,1) High Performance Read - 25 MHz clock rate (maximum) Page Mode for Program Operations - 256 bytes per page Block Write Protection - The Block Protect (BP1, BP0) bits allow part or entire of the memory to be configured as read-only. Hardware Data Protection - Write Protect (WP#) pin will inhibit write operations to the status register Page Program (up to 256 Bytes) - Typical 2 ms per page program time Sector, Block and Chip Erase - Typical 40 ms sector/block/chip erase time Single Cycle Reprogramming for Status Register - Build-in erase before programming High Product Endurance - Guarantee 100,000 program/erase cycles per single sector (preliminary) - Minimum 20 years data retention Industrial Standard Pin-out and Package - 8-pin JEDEC SOIC - 8-contact WSON - Optional lead-free (Pb-free) packages

The Pm25LV512/010 are 512 Kbit/1 Mbits 3.0 Volt-only serial Flash memories. These devices are designed to use a single low voltage, range from 2.7 Volt to 3.6 Volt, power supply to perform read, erase and program operations. The devices can be programmed in standard EPROM programmers as well. The device is optimized for use in many commercial applications where low-power and low-voltage operation are essential. The Pm25LV512/010 is enabled through the Chip Enable pin (CE#) and accessed via a 3-wire interface consisting of Serial Data Input (Sl), Serial Data Output (SO), and Serial Clock (SCK). All write cycles are completely self-timed. Block Write protection for top 1/4, top 1/2 or the entire memory array (1M) or entire memory array (512K) is enabled by programming the status register. Separate write enable and write disable instructions are provided for additional data protection. Hardware data protection is provided via the WP pin to protect against inadvertent write attempts to the status register. The HOLD pin may be used to suspend any serial communication without resetting the serial sequence. The Pm25LV512/010 are manufactured on PMC's advanced nonvolatile CMOS technology, P-FLASHTM. The devices are offered in 8-pin JEDEC SOIC and 8-contact WSON packages with operation frequency to 25 MHz.

SYMB OL TYPE D ESC R IPTION hi p Enable: C E# goes low acti vates the devi ce's i nternal ci rcui tri es for devi ce operati on. C E# goes hi gh deselects the devi ce and swi tches i nto standby mode to reduce the power consumpti on. When the devi i s not selected, data wi ll not be accepted vi a the seri al i nput pi n (Sl), and the seri al output pi n (SO) wi ll remai gh i mpedance state. Seri al D ata C lock Seri al D ata Input Seri al D ata Output Ground D evi ce Power Supply INPUT Wri te Protect: When the WP# pi n brought to low and WPEN s "1", all wri te operati ons to the status regi ster are i nhi bi ted. Hold: Pause seri al communi cati wi th the master devi ce wi thout resetti ng the seri al sequence.

Environmental Attribute E = Lead-free (Pb-free) Package Blank = Standard Package Temperature Range C = Commercial to +70C) Package Type = 8-pin SOIC = 8-contact WSON (8Q) Operating Speed 25 MHz PMC Device Number Pm25LV512 (512 Kbit) Pm25LV010 (1 Mbit)

Part Number 8Q Pm25LV010-25QC Commercial + 70C) Operating Frequency (MHz ) P ackag e Temperature Range


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