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Description900mhz Frequency Hopping Transceiver OEM Module
CompanyRF Monolithics
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Features: 900 MHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology 20+ mile range w/omni-directional antennas 3.3 Volt operation Low power consumption Small size, light weight 172.8 Kbps channel data rate RS-232 style asynchronous interface FCC certified for unlicensed operation Benefits: License-free operation Immunity to jamming and multipath fading Supports long range applications Ideal for battery powered devices Supports large number of nodes Easy to integrate Shortens time to market

Combining 900MHz frequency hopping technology and 500mW of transmit power, the WIT910 is the latest in a long line of wireless OEM transceiver modules from RFM. With the same physical dimensions of the industry-leading WIT2410 module, smaller than a business card and just 8.6mm thick, the WIT910 provides immunity to both jamming and multipath fading. The WIT910 also provides a low power consumption mode suitable for battery operation.

RF Frequency Radio Certification Operating Range Network Topology Network Protocol Error Detection and Correction Serial Data Interface I/O Data Rate Channel Data Rate # of Frequency Channels RF Bandwidth Transmit Power Output Receiver Sensitivity Supply voltage Current Consumption (500mW Transmit Power, 57.6Kbps I/O) to 927 MHz FCC Part 15.247, license free Indoor: 1000'+ Outdoor: >20 miles with omni-directional antenna Star network Dynamically Assigned TDMA 24 bit CRC and ARQ Asynchronous (RS-232) CMOS signals, 3.3v; 5v tolerant to 86.4 Kbps, software selectable 172.8 Kbps 54 460 KHz 100mW, 10mW, software selectable -103 dBm for 10-5 BER 5 v nominal Remote Operation Sleep Stby Typical Peak (Tx) <100mA 600mA Base Operation Continuous Peak (Tx) 125mA 600mA


Signal and chassis ground Transmit data Receive data Configuration selector. Used to switch radio between data and control mode Request to send. Used for receive flow control by the host Sleeps/wakes the radio transceiver Data carrier detect. For remotes, indicates successful synchronization Clear to send. Used for receive flow control by the radio Resets module Positive supply. Min 3.3 v, Nom 5.0 v, Max 10.0

With a full 1/2 Watt transmit power and a receive sensitivity of -103dBm, the WIT910 can achieve ranges in excess of 20 miles using 3dB omni-directional antennas. When long range isn't needed, the WIT910, measuring just x 8.6mm and weighing just 35 grams is a powerful performer at low power, consuming less than at 3.3 volts. With the same size and mounting dimensions of the industry-leading WIT2410 module, the WIT910 can be used in place of the WIT2410 in existing designs, creating a 900MHz product with practically no development effort.

All of the module parameters are configurable under software control. Even transmit power can be selected through a straightforward command set. Pointto-point and point-to-multipoint modes are supported. Standard communication rates between the 910 and the host are supported between 1200 bps and 57.6 Kbps. Non-standard rates are supported as well.

The WIT910 provides both reliable communication and reliable operation. With Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology, the WIT910 provides immunity to jamming as well as immunity to multipath fading. Using Automatic Retransmit Request (ARQ) in addition a 512 byte buffer, transparent errorfree communication is automatic. The built-in data scrambling adds a measure of security. Reliable operation is assured through our stringent QA processes. All WIT910s are manufactured an ISO9000 certified facility; another reason CIRRONETTM is the choice of hundreds of designers.

Simple to use and simple to integrate. Although the WIT910 offers great flexibility, the factory default settings work for many applications. For those other applications, software control makes changing settings simple. The WIT910, with its small size and low power consumption, is simple to integrate into your product. The RS-232 style interface with standard CMOS signal levels makes the electronic integration easy. Since the WIT910 is FCC certified, your 910-based product does not have to repeat the FCC type approval.


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