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TitleLCD Controllers/Drivers
Description65 Segments And 16 Commons Output Pins For LCD Driver.
CompanySyntec Semiconductor
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Features, Applications

* Operating voltage 2.5V-6.5V * Operating current : under 5V. * Dual frequency - 32.768 KHz for LCD & 0.5 second timer interrupt. - Crystal or RC oscillator for system clock. - CPU clock is half of system clock.

* Built-in 2K bytes RAM, (1st 144 bytes for LCD, the rest 1904 bytes for program & stack). * Built-in 32K bytes ROM with 16K per bank. * Two chip enable signals for external memory. Each one can be expanded to 512K bytes with 16K bytes per bank. * One 0.5 second pre-divider timer interrupt with start/stop control. * 2 output ports for key matrices - 14 pins for port 1, also used as address pins. - 4 input pins with wake-up interrupt for port 2. - Built-in pull-up resistors for port * 8-bit timer with 8-bit prescale counter, both are auto-reloadable.

* 65 segments and 16 commons output pins for LCD driver. - 1/5 bias, 1/16 duty and 64 Hz frame frequency. * Selectable 64 Hz Interrupt by NMI. * Timers and port 2 enable IRQ Interrupt. * Timer range is programmable. * 8-bit sound generator with 8-bit prescaler, both are auto-reloadable. * One output for the speaker. - 2 KHz or 4 KHz signal with two different envelopes are selectable for sound output. * One UART serial port with even parity check bit added after MSB for error detecting. * The internal ROM can be disabled and the corresponding memory area are mapped to the highest banks of external ROM. LCD Controller 1 /1 ISSUE DATE Date : 15 September, 1999:

* Sleep mode : LCD off , crystal & system oscillator stop, Vdd=3V, Idd < 1 uA.

Stand-by mode : LCD on and system oscillator stop, Vdd=3V, Idd < 80 uA. LCD off and system oscillator stop, Vdd=3V, Idd < 8 uA.

Data Bank Translator Organizer Hand-held game

ROM 32Kx8 LCD driver RAM 2Kx8 UART 16-bit Timer Sound generator A0-A15 Address decoder Bank control D0-D7 B0-B6 SOUND TX RX


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