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TitleLCD Controllers/Drivers
Description40 Segments And 8 Commons Output For LCD Driver.
CompanySyntec Semiconductor
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Features, Applications

Operating voltage 4.0V. * Maximum operating frequency 4V. * Operating current under * 40 segments and 8 commons out for LCD driver. - 1/4 duty and 244Hz frame frequency. - 1/8 duty and 122Hz frame frequency. * 2 bi-directional I/O port. - 8 pins for port - 4 pins with selectable interrupt for port - 4 pins without interrupt for port 2. * Built in 192 bytes RAM (including LCD storage area). * Built in 10K bytes ROM. * Selectable (system clock/16384) interrupt by NMI. * Timer and port 2 interrupt by IRQ. * SOUND output from CPU or two independent 16-bit counter. * 256 sound volumes for channel 1. 8 sound volumes for channel 2. * Code options - 1/3 bias or 1/4 bias for LCD driver. - 1/4 duty or 1/8 duty for LCD driver. - Pull-up resistors for I/O pin. RC or CRYSTAL oscillator. - System clock = OSC clock or OSC clock/2.

Pin name OSC2 OSC3 /TEST /RES V4 VDD VSS I/O Function description Output pins for driving the common pins on the LCD panel. Output pins for driving the segment pins on the LCD panel Output pins for sound generator 1 Output pins for sound generator 2 8 bit bi-directional pins for port 1 8 bit bidirectional pins for port 2 Oscillator input pin for chip Oscillator output pin for resistor Oscillator output pin for capacitor Test pin. Keep floating or connect to Vdd Chip reset Bias supply voltage pin to drive the LCD Power input Signal ground

1) RAM 0000-003F for LCD output data storage area 1. Memory address Pin for 1/8 duty COM7 COM8
0040-007F for LCD output data storage area 2. Memory address Pin for 1/8 duty

COM8 * The LSB of low byte - SEG1. The MSB of high byte - SEG40. The middle bits are in the order. The un-specified area between 0000-007F are general purpose RAM. 00C0-00FF for zero and stack page area. * 0000-00FF are the same location with 0100-01FF. * The data or stack can be stored in this area, but be careful not to make conflict.

2) ROM D800-FFFF for program area. FFFF,FFFE - IRQ vector. FFFD,FFFC - RES vector. FFFB,FFFA - NMI vector. Please note that A14 and A15 are not cared in hardware. So, following memory areas are mapping in the same location. 4000-7FFF, 8000-BFFF AND C000-FFFF.


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