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TitleLCD Controllers/Drivers
Description40 Segments And 8 Commons Output For LCD Driver.
CompanySyntec Semiconductor
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Features, Applications

* Operating voltage V. * Maximum CPU operating frequency 2.7V * Dual oscillators or 32.768 KHz crystal oscillator for LCD display and watch timer. - RC oscillator for system clock. * 40 segments and 8 commons output for LCD driver. - 1/4 bias, 1/8 duty and 64Hz frame frequency. - 16 levels contrast control. * I/O port. - 8 I/O pins with selectable wake up interrupt. - Two output pins. These two pins can be set as sound channel DAC outputs. * Built in 160 bytes data RAM and 40 bytes display RAM. * Built in 32K bytes ROM for program. * One 8-bit timer with 8 predefined input clock. * Two sound generators with 7-bit D/A output. * Four interrupt sources : NMI 64 Hz interrupt IRQ1 - Fix-time timer interrupt IRQ2 - Timer interrupt IRQ3 - External interrupt * Code option : - Built-in 150K OHM pull-up resistors for I/O port. or 32768Hz crystal oscillation for LCD driver.

Pin name SOUND1 SOUND2 /RES CONTRAST VDD VSS I/O O I/O (Total 66 pads) Function description LCD common output pins LCD segment output pins 8-bit I/O pins for port 1 Main system oscillator input pin for chip Main system oscillator output pin for resistor 32.768K Hz crystal oscillator input 32.768K Hz crystal oscillator output

Sound channel 1 output with volume control. This pin is CMOS output when sound channel is disabled. Sound channel 2 output with volume control. This pin is CMOS output when sound channel is disabled. System reset pin with 150K pull-up resistor. Bias voltage input pin. Add a resistor to Vdd can change the LCD contrast. Power input Signal ground

1) RAM 0000-003C for LCD output data storage. The memory address which are not specified in the table are not implemented Memory address Pin for 1/8 duty 0038-003C COM7 The LSB of low byte SEG0. The MSB of high byte SEG39. LCD Controller


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