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TitleLCD Controllers/Drivers
Description40 Segments And 16 Commons Output For LCD Driver.
CompanySyntec Semiconductor
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Features, Applications

* Operating voltage 6V. * Maximum CPU operating frequency at 5V and 2.5V * Dual oscillators - 32.768 KHz crystal oscillator for LCD display and watch timer. - RC oscillator for system clock. * 40 segments and 16 commons output for LCD driver. - 1/5 bias, 1/16 duty and 64Hz frame frequency. - 1/4 bias, 1/8 duty and 128Hz frame frequency. * I/O port. - 30 I/O pins. - Port 1 with selectable interrupt. * Built in 2K bytes RAM (including LCD storage area). * Built in 8K bytes ROM for program. * One 8-bit timer with 8 predefined input clock. * Five interrupt sources : NMI 64 Hz interrupt IRQ1 - Stopwatch timer interrupt IRQ2 - Fix-time timer interrupt IRQ3 - Timer interrupt IRQ4 - External interrupt * Code option : - Built-in 150K OHM pull-up resistors for I/O port. - 1/8 duty or 1/16 duty.

* Data bank * Calculator * Hand-held game * Small instrument * Toy

Pin name COM1-COM16 SEG1...SEG40 VLCD XOSC1 XOSC2 SOUND /RES /TEST VDD VSS1, VSS2 I/O (Total 100 pads) Function description

LCD common output pins LCD segment output pins LCD voltage input LCD contrast control 256 Hz clock output 8-bit I/O pins for port 1 8-bit I/O pins for port 2 8-bit I/O pins for port 3 6-bit I/O pins for port 4 Main system oscillator input pin for chip Main system oscillator output pin for resistor 32.768K Hz crystal oscillator input 32.768K Hz crystal oscillator output Audio output System reset Test pin. Keep floating or connect to Vdd Power input Signal ground

Please note that A14-A15 are not cared in hardware. So, following memory areas are mapping in the same location. C000-FFFF. 1) RAM 0000-007F for LCD output data storage. Memory address Pin for 1/16 duty 0018-001C 0020-0024 LCD Controller COM5 3/3


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