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TitleLCD Controllers/Drivers
DescriptionTwo Sound Generators And One Voice Channel With PWM Outputs.
CompanySyntec Semiconductor
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Features, Applications

* Operating voltage V. * Maximum CPU operating frequency 2.7V * Oscillators or 32.768 KHz crystal oscillator for LCD display and watch timer. - Built-in PLL circuit to generate 4.19MHz system clock. * 40 segments and 4 commons output for LCD driver. - 1/3 bias, 1/4 duty and 64Hz frame frequency. * 20 I/O pins. - 8 I/O pins with selectable wake up interrupt. - 4 general I/O pins. - 8 I/O pin shared with S32-S39. * Built in 160 bytes data RAM and 20 bytes write-only RAM for LCD display. * Built in 96K bytes ROM with 16K bytes per bank for program. * One 8-bit timer with 8 predefined input clock. * Two sound generators and one voice channel with PWM outputs. * Seven interrupt sources : NMI 64 Hz interrupt IRQ1 - Fix-time timer interrupt IRQ2 - Timer 1 interrupt IRQ3 - External interrupt IRQ4 - Timer 2 interrupt IRQ5 - Sound generator 1 interrupt IRQ6 - Sound generator 2 interrupt * Code option : - Built-in 150K OHM pull-up resistors for I/O port. or 32768Hz crystal oscillation for LCD driver.

* Talking Calculator * Talking clock * Hand-held game
Two sound generators and one voice channel with PWM output

Pin name P20-P23 P30-P37 VCAP PWM1 PWM2 /RES VLCD C2A, C2B /TEST VDD1 VSS1 VDD VSS I I/O O I/O (Total 72 pads) Function description LCD common output pins LCD segment output pins 8-bit I/O pins for port 1

4-bit I/O pins for port 2. P23 can be set as output with carrier clock. 8-bit I/O pins for port 3. These pins are shared with S32-S39. Low pass filter capacitor for PLL. 32.768K Hz crystal oscillator input 32.768K Hz crystal oscillator output Sound channel PWM output with volume control. System reset pin with 100K pull-up resistor. Bias voltage input pin. 2/3Vlcd bias voltage input pin. 1/3Vlcd bias voltage input pin. Booster capacitor connection pins Booster capacitor connection pins Test pin. Keep floating or connect to Vdd Power input for PWM output Signal ground for PWM output Power input Signal ground


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