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CategoryCommunication => Telephony => Voice Processors
DescriptionDigital Playback Processor.
CompanySyntec Semiconductor
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Features, Applications

is a ROM-embedded playback processor which is able to play to 30-minute digital audio or digital voice data. An 65C02 CPU is embedded with data decompression engine. Flexible Proprietary data compression algorithm is implemented to full use of data memory and to optimize playback quality.

3.5 V for battery operated applications 32768 Hz resonator applied Low Power Consumption A at sleep mode A at stand-by mode mA at operation mode GPIO 16-bit programmable I/O port 8 output pins 4 independent chip select pins to external data memory Memory 2 KB on-chip SRAM 8 MB on-chip mask ROM. Audio Interface On-chip 12-bit DAC for voice/audio data playback Decompression Engine is built-in to 30-minute voice data to 15-minute audio data section dependent bit rate compression Timers are provided 2 Channels 16-bit Interrupt Timers Watch Dog Timer


Function description Internal pull-up pin to reset whole chip Output from DAC Control signal from 32768 clock Control signal to 32768 clock Capacitor for PLL circuit Port A Port B Positive power Ground


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