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DescriptionMedium Power LOW Voltage Transistor
CompanyUnisonic Technologies
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The XL1225/ML1225 silicon controlled rectifiers are high performance planner diffused PNPN devices. These parts are intended for low cost high volume applications.

ORDERING INFORMATION Order Number Normal Lead free ML1225-T92-K ML1225L-T92-K Package TO-92 Packing Tape Box Bulk Tape Box Bulk

ABSOLUATE MAXIUM RATINGS (Ta= 25 , unless otherwise specified)

PARAMETER SYMBOL TEST CONDITION RATINGS UNIT ~ 125C Repetitive Peak 400 V VDRM Off-State Voltage RGK ML1225 300 On-State Current IT(RMS) 0.8 A Average On-State Current IT(AV) Half 0.5 A Peak Reverse Gate Voltage VGRM 1 V Peak Gate Current IGM 10us Max. 0.1 A Gate Dissipation PG(AV) 20ms Max. 150 mW Operating Temperature +125 C Storage Temperature TSTG +150 C Note 1. Absolute maximum ratings are those values beyond which the device could be permanently damaged. Absolute maximum ratings are stress ratings only and functional device operation is not implied. 2. The device is guaranteed to meet performance specification within 0 ~70 operating temperature range and assured by design from 20 ~85.

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Ta= 25 , unless otherwise specified.)

PARAMETER Off State Leakage Current Off State Leakage Current On State Voltage On State Threshold Voltage On State Slops Resistance Gate Trigger Current Gate Trigger Voltage Holding Current Latching Current Critical Rate of Voltage Rise Critical Rate of Current Rise Gate Controlled Delay Time Commutated Turn-off Time SYMBOL TEST CONDITIONS IDRM TJ =125C IDRM AT IT=0.8A VT(TO) TJ =125C IGT VD=7V VGT IL RGK=1K DV/DT VD=0.67*VDRM(RGK=1K),TJ =125 DV/DT dIG/dt=0.1A/s,TJ =125 TGD VD=0.67*VDRM VR=35V, IT=IT(AV) MIN TYP MAX UNIT V mA V/s A/s s

VT,INSTANTANEOUS ON-STATE VOLTAGE (V) Figure 5. Typical On-State Characteristics

UTC assum es no responsibility for equipm ent failures that result from using products at v alues that ex ceed, m om entarily, rated v alues (such im um ratings, operating condition ranges, or other param eters) listed in products specifications of any and all UT C products described or contained herein. UT C products are not designed for use in life support appliances, dev ices or system s where m alfunction of these products can be reasonably expected to result in personal injury. R eproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without the prior written consent of the copyright owner. T he inform ation presented in this docum ent does not form part of any quotation or contract, is believ to be accurate and reliable and ay be changed without notice.


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