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CategoryPower Management => Regulators => Shunt Regulators
DescriptionAdjustable Low Voltage Shunt Regulator
CompanyAdvanced Analogic Technologies
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Features, Applications
Adjustable Low Voltage Shunt Regulator General Description

The is a low voltage adjustable shunt reference with thermal stability guaranteed over the full industrial temperature range. This 3-terminal regulator has an output voltage range that extends from VREF to 20V, giving designers outstanding flexibility in the development of power supplies and instrumentation. With a low operating current of 60A, the AHK432 is well suited for battery-powered portable electronic applications. It also has a sharp turn-on characteristic and a dynamic resistance of only 50mW making it an excellent replacement for zener diodes in low tempco designs. The AHK432 is available in the surface-mount or 5 pin SOT-23, as well as the through hole TO-92. Three voltage tolerance options are offered in each package: 0.5%, 1%, and 2%.


Wide output voltage range to 20V) Operating current from to 100mA Low dynamic output resistance 50m 0.5% trimmed voltage reference 10mV typ. VREF deviation, from to +105C Surface mount or 5 pin SOT-23 or throughhole 3 pin TO-92 packages


Notebook computers Isolated feedback in switching power supplies Adjustable and programmable supplies Linear regulators (External Reference) Instrumentation Medical Electronics* Global voltage reference for multiple power supplies

Adjustable Low Voltage Shunt Regulator Absolute Maximum Ratings

Cathode Voltage Continuous Cathode Current Reference Current Operating Junction Temperature Range Maximum Thermal Resistance Maximum Power Dissipation Maximum Soldering Temperature (at Leads) SOT-23-3, SOT-23-5

Note: Stresses above those listed in Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. Functional operation at conditions other than the operating conditions specified is not implied. Only one Absolute Maximum rating should be applied at any one time.

Reference Voltage VREF Temp Deviation Ratio of Change in VREF to Change in Cathode Voltage Reference Input Current IREF Temp Deviation

VZ=VREF IZ=10mA (test circuit to +105C, VZ=VREF, IZ=10mA (test circuit VZ=16V to VREF (test circuit , IZ=10mA (test circuit , IZ=10mA (test circuit 2) VREF=0V (test circuit 3) f<1kHz, VZ=VREF, to 100mA (test circuit 1) VZ=VREF (test circuit VZ=6V VZ=16V

Off State Cathode Current Dynamic Output Impedance Minimum Operating Current
Adjustable Low Voltage Shunt Regulator Test Circuits
Test Circuit 1 Test Circuit 2 Test Circuit 3


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