Details, datasheet, quote on part number: HDSP-N15X
CategoryOptoelectronics => Display
Description20 MM ( 0.8 Inch ) Seven Segment Displays
CompanyHewlett-Packard (acquired by Agilent Technologies, Inc.)
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Features, Applications

mm (0.8 inch) Seven Segment Displays Technical Data

Industry Standard Size Industry Standard Pinout mm (0.6 in.) DIP Leads mm (0.1 in.) Centers Choice of Colors Red, AlGaAs Red, High Efficiency Red, Yellow, Green Excellent Appearance Evenly Lighted Segments Mitered Corners on Segments Gray Package Gives Optimum Contrast 50 Viewing Angle Design Flexibility Common Anode or Common Cathode Left and Right Hand Decimal Points 1. Overflow Character Categorized for Luminous Intensity Yellow and Green Categorized

for Color Use of Like Categories Yields a Uniform Display High Light Output High Peak Current Excellent for Long Digit String Multiplexing Intensity and Color Selection Option See Intensity and Color Selected Displays Data Sheet Sunlight Viewable AlGaAs These displays are ideal for most applications. Pin for pin equivalent displays are also available in a low current design. The low current displays are ideal for portable applications. For additional information see the Low Current Seven Segment Displays data sheet.


The mm (0.8 inch) LED seven segment displays are designed for viewing distances to 10 metres (33 feet). These devices use an industry standard size package and pinout. All devices are available as either common anode or common cathode.

Red N155 N156 HER HDSP3900 Yellow HDSP4200 Green HDSP8600 Description Common Anode Left Hand Decimal Common Anode Right Hand Decimal Common Cathode Right Hand Decimal Common Cathode Left Hand Decimal Universal 1. Overflow[2] Package Drawing

Notes: 1. These displays are recommended for high ambient light operation. Please refer to the HDSP-N10X AlGaAs data sheet for low current operation. 2. Universal pinout brings the anode and cathode of each segment's LED out to separate pins. See internal diagram E.

Description Average Power per Segment or DP Peak Forward Current per Segment DP DC Forward Current per Segment or DP Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Reverse Voltage per Segment or DP Lead Solder Temperature for 3 Seconds mm [0.063 in.] below seating plane)

Notes: 1. See Figure 1 to establish pulsed conditions. 2. Derate above at 0.83 mA/C. 3. See Figure 2 to establish pulsed conditions. 4. Derate above at 0.8 mA/C. 5. See Figure 7 to establish pulsed conditions.

Derate above at 0.73 mA/C. See Figure 8 to establish pulsed conditions. Derate above at 0.54 mA/C. For operation below -20C, contact your local HP components sales office or an authorized distributor.

Device Series Parameter Luminous (Digit Average) Intensity/Segment[1,2] Symbol IV VF PEAK VR VF /C RJ-PIN 3.0 Min. 500 Typ. Max. Units cd nm V mV/C C/W 100 A Test Conditions 20 mA

Forward Voltage/Segment DP HDSP340X Peak Wavelength Dominant Wavelength[3] Reverse Voltage/Segment DP [4] Temperature Coefficient of VF /Segment or DP Thermal Resistance LED Junctionto-Pin


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