Details, datasheet, quote on part number: HC4-HL-DC110V
TitlePower, Over 2 Amps Relay
CompanyIC Works (acquired by Cypress Semiconductor Corp.)
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Relay TypeGeneral Purpose
Contact Form4PDT (4 Form C)
Contact Rating (Current)5A
Switching Voltage250VAC - Max
Coil TypeNon Latching
Coil Current10mA
Coil Voltage110VDC
Turn On Voltage (Max)88 VDC
Turn Off Voltage (Min)11 VDC
Mounting TypeSocketable
Termination StylePlug In
FeaturesLED Indicator
Contact MaterialSilver Nickel (AgNi)
Operate Time20ms
Release Time20ms
Operating Temperature-50C ~ 60C
Coil Power1 W
Coil Resistance10K Ohms
Lead Free StatusLead Free
RoHS StatusRoHS Compliant


Features, Applications


1. Factory automation equipment and automotive devices 2. Control panels, power supply equipment, molding equipment, machine tools, welding equipment, agricultural equipment, etc. 3. Office equipment, automatic vending machines, telecommunications equipment, disaster prevention equipment, copiers, measuring devices, medical equipment, amusement devices, etc. 4. All types of household appliance


1. Standard type, Amber sealed type and Keep type 2. Rich lineup includes relays with operating indication, with diode and with CR circuit 3. Full range of types Plug-in type, PC board type and TM type 4. Sockets and terminal sockets are available.

With CR circuit type Keep relay With diode type

Contact arrangement 1: 1 Form 2: 2 Form 3: 3 Form 4: 4 Form C 4D: Bifurcated contact (twin) Nil: Standard type E: Amber sealed type (Only 1 Form C and 2 Form C) ED: Amber sealed type bifurcated contact (twin) (Only 4 Form C) K: Keep type Terminal arrangement H: Plug-in type HL: Plug-in with LED indication L: Plug-in with LED indication (Amber sealed type) HP: PC board type PL: PC board with LED indication HPL: PC board with LED indication (Amber sealed type) HTM: TM type Nominal coil voltage DC V Surge suppression D: With diode R: With CR curcuit Contact material Contact material Contact arrangement 1 Form C 2 Form C 3 Form C 4 Form C 4-pole bifurcated (twin) AgSnO2 type F Nil AgNi type

Notes: Certified by UL and CSA (except for keep type) Please consult us about VDE (1 Form C, 2 Form C, and 4 Form C only) and TV-3 (1 Form C and 2 Form C only) approved products.

All Rights Reserved COPYRIGHT Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

Type Contact arrangement Plug-in terminal type Without LED 1 Form C 2 Form C 3 Form C 4 Form C 4 Form C 1 Form C 2 Form C 4 Form C 4 Form C 2 Form C 1 Form C DC type with surge absorbing diode Single side stable 2 Form C 3 Form C 4 Form C 4 Form C 1 Form C 2 Form C 3 Form C 4 Form C 4 Form (With operating indication) With LED PC board terminal type Without LED (With operating indication) With LED Top mounting type (TM type) Amber sealed type also available Remarks

Bifurcated (Twin) HC relay Amber sealed type HC keep (latching) relay Single side stable Bifurcated (Twin) Single side stable

Bifurcated (Twin) AC type with surge absorbing CR circuit

A: Available Notes: 1. HC relays with ground terminals also available. 2. HC relays with 0.9 mm wide PC board terminals also available.

Type Part number Single side stable contact HC Suitable for high-capacity load switching Standard type HC relays have high single-contact capacity; 1 Form A 2 Form C and 3 Form A 4 Form A 4-pole bifurcated (twin) contact HC4D Bifurcated (twin) contact ensures high contact reliability Suitable for low level loads Minimum switching capability: V DC (reference value)

Type Part number With LED indication type HC-HL

LED lights up when relay is operating Inspection and detection of trouble is easy. LEDs are green for DC types and red for AC types. All types are available with LED indication.

LED colors indicate the type of relay: red for AC type and green for DC type.

Type Part number Amber sealed type HC relay HCE Relay is completely sealed with resin. Provides high reliability in adverse surroundings. Suitable for use in dusty conditions or where organic gases are present HC relay with CR circuit (for AC) HC--V-R Has built-in CR circuit to absorb surge when the coil goes to the off state (for AC). Relay with CR circuit 17 mm higher than standard type relay. HC keep (Latching) relay HC2K HC relay with diode type (for DC) HC--V-D Has built-in diode to absorb surge when the coil goes to the off state (for DC type). Magnetic latching relay Suitable for protecting relay driver circuits and Suitable for nominal operating power saving of for noise suppression operating circuits and for memory circuits Diode characteristics: Has operating indication (mechanical indicator). Reverse breakdown voltage 1,000 V Forward current 1 A

4-pole bifurcated (twin) type and Relay with LED indication are available.

Nominal coil voltage DC 1 Form C Part No. HC1-H-DC100V-F 2 Form C Part No. HC2-H-DC100V-F 3 Form C Part No. HC3-H-DC100V-F 4 Form C Part No. HC4-H-DC100V 4 Form C (twin) Part No. HC4D-H-DC48V HC4D-H-DC100V

Standard packing: Carton: 20 pcs.; Case: 200 pcs.

Nominal coil voltage DC 1 Form C Part No. HC1-HL-DC100V-F 2 Form C Part No. HC2-HL-DC100V-F 3 Form C Part No. HC3-HL-DC100V-F 4 Form C Part No. HC4-HL-DC100V 4 Form C (twin) Part No. HC4D-HL-DC48V HC4D-HL-DC100V


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