Details, datasheet, quote on part number: HL6313G
DescriptionAlgainp Laser Diodes
CompanyHitachi Semiconductor (acquired by Renesas)
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Features, Applications


The HL6312/13G are 0.63 Ám band AlGaInP laser diodes with a multi-quantum well (MQW) structure. Wavelength is equal to He-Ne Gas laser. They are suitable as light sources in bar code readers, laser levelers and various other types of optical equipment. Hermetic sealing of the package achieves high reliability.


Visible light output: 635 nm Typ (nearly equal to He-Ne Gas Laser) Optical output power: mW CW Low Operating voltage: 2.7 V Max Single longitudinal mode Built-in photodiode for monitoring laser output

Item Optical output power Pulse optical output power LD reverse voltage PD reverse voltage Operating temperature Storage temperature Note: Symbol PO (pulse) VR (LD) VR (PD) Topr Tstg Rated Value to +85

Item Optical output power Threshold current Operating current Operating voltage Lasing wavelength Beam divergence (parallel) Beam divergence (perpendicular) Monitor current Symbol PO Ith Iop Vop p Is Min Typ Max Unit V nm deg. = 5 mW, 5 V Test Conditions Kink free


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