Details, datasheet, quote on part number: HYM72V1620GS-50-
Description8M x 72-bit EDO- DRAM Module
CompanySiemens (acquired by Infineon Technologies Corporation)
DatasheetDownload HYM72V1620GS-50- datasheet


Features, Applications
72-Bit EDO- DRAM Module (ECC - Module) 168 pin buffered DIMM Module

168 pin JEDEC Standard, Buffered 8 Byte Dual In-Line Memory Module for PC main memory applications 1 bank x 72 organisation Optimized for ECC applications Hyper Page Mode - EDO Operation Performance:

-50 tRAC tCAC tAA tRC tHPC RAS Access Time CAS Access Time Access Time from Address Cycle Time EDO Mode Cycle Time 25 ns

Single 0.3 V supply CAS-before-RAS refresh, RAS-only refresh Decoupling capacitors mounted on substrate All inputs, outputs and clock fully LVTTL & LVCMOS compatible 4 Byte interleave enabled, Dual Address inputs (A0/B0) Buffered inputs excepts RAS and DQ Parallel Presence Detects Utilizes nine 8 -DRAMs and BiCMOS buffers/line drivers VT244A Two versions: HYM 72V8035GS with SOJ-components 9 mm module thickness) HYM 72V8025GS with TSOPII-components 4 mm module thickness) 4048 refresh cycles 64 ms with / 11 addressing Gold contact pad Double sided module with mm (1000 mil) height

The HYM a 64 MByte DRAM module organized 388 608 words a 168-pin, dual read-out, single-in-line package comprising nine 8 DRAMs in 400 mil wide SOJ or TSOPII - packages mounted together with ceramic decoupling capacitors a PC board. All inputs except RAS and DQ are buffered by using BiCMOS buffers/ line drivers. Each HYB3165805AJ/AT is described in the data sheet and is fully electrically tested and processed according to Siemens standard quality procedure prior to module assembly. After assembly onto the board, a further set of electrical tests is performed. The density and speed of the module can be detected by the use of presence detect pins.

EDO-DRAM module (access time 50 ns) EDO-DRAM module (access time 60 ns) EDO-DRAM module (access time 50 ns) EDO-DRAM module (access time 60 ns)

Pin Names OE0, OE2 Vcc Vss - PD8 PDE , ID1 N.C. Presence-Detect and ID-pin Truth Table: Module HYM 728025/35GS-50 HYM 728025/35GS-60 ID0 Vss ID1 Vss PD8 0 Row Address Inputs Column Address Inputs Data Input/Output Row Address Strobe Column Address Strobe Read / Write Input Output Enable Power (+3.3 Volt) Ground Presence Detect Pins Presence Detect Enable ID indentification bit No Connection

Note: 1 = High Level ( Driver Output) 0 = Low Level (Driver Output) for PDE active ( ground). For PDE at a high level all PD terminal are in tri-state.


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