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CategoryPower Management => AC-DC Controllers/Converters => Bridge Rectifiers
DescriptionTechnical Specifications of Single-phase Silicon Bridge Rectifier
CompanyDC Components Co.
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90028-10 : Solid State Power Controllers. Voltage Range = 20 to 36 VDC ;; Current Range = 3.3 to 10 Amps ;; Status = 8 States Ttl/cmos ;; Forward Voltage Drop = N/a ;; On Resistance = ;; Programmable Instant Trip = 400 to 1200% ;; Instant Trip Time = 25 Usec. Max..

HV574 : High Voltage Driver. Source/sink Outputs Push-pull. HV574 100 MHz, 80-Channel Serial To Parallel Converter With Push-Pull Outputs Package Options Device HV574 100 Lead Quad Plastic Gullwing HV574PG Die HV574X Processed with HVCMOS® technology 5V CMOS logic Output voltages to 80V Low power level shifting 100MHz equivalent data rate using four dynamic shift registers Static latched data outputs Forward.

LTC1706-19 : VID Voltage Programmers. LTC1706-19, Intel Mobile Vid Voltage Programmer.

LX5121CDB : SCSI - Single Ended. Scsi - Single Ended, Package : Ssop. The LX5121 Plug and Play UltraMAXTM terminator represents next-generation technology for SCSI termination applications. The lowvoltage BiCMOS architecture employed in its design offers superior performance to older passive and active techniques. Linfinity's architecture employs high-speed adaptive elements for each channel, providing the fastest response.

M62212P : General Purpose DC-DC Converter. 3.0V FIXED OUTPUT VOLTAGE DC-DC CONVERTER GENERAL The is a general purpose DC-DC converter which provides a 3.0V fixed output voltage. It is possible to simplify the peripheral circuit and to design compact and low cost sets because this IC, housed in a small or 8-pin package includes necessary peripheral components. Especially this is most suitable.

NCP1411 : . NCP1411 Sync-Rect PFM Step-Up DC-DC Converter with Low-Battery Detector and Ring-Killer is a monolithic micropower high frequency Boost (step­up) voltage switching converter IC specially designed for battery operated hand­held electronic products 250 mA loading. It integrates Synchronous Rectifier for improving efficiency as well as eliminating the external.

PQ20VZ11 : Low Power Loss Voltage Regulator With Variable Output in a Surface Mount Package.

SG3532 : Adjustable. Precision General-purpose Regulator. This monolithic integrated circuit is a versatile, general-purpose voltage regulator designed as a substantially improved replacement for the popular SG723 device. The SG1532 series regulators retain all the versatility of the SG723 but have the added benefits of operation with input voltages as low as 4.5 volts and as high as 50 volts; a low noise,.

SG3846 : Current Mode PWM Controller. The SG1846 family of control ICs provides all of the necessary to implement fixed frequency, current mode control schemes while maintaining a minimum external parts count. The superior performance of this technique can be measured in improved line regulation, enhanced load response characteristics, and a simpler, easier-to-design control loop. Topological.

TLE6288R : Smart 6 Channel Peak&hold Switch. 3 Channel high / low side configurable Protection Over Current (current limitation) Overtemperature Overvoltage (active clamping) Diagnosis Over Current Over Temperature Open Load (Off-State) Short to Ground (Off-state, lowside configuration) Short to Vbb (Off-state, highside configuration) 3 Channel high side with adjustable P&H current control Supply.

UCC3829DW-2 : Current Mode. ti UCC3829-2, High Speed PWM Controller. Compatible with Voltage or Current Mode Control Methods Practical Operation at Switching Frequencies 4MHz 50ns Propagation Delay to Output High Current Complementary Outputs Programmable Dead Time and Frequency Oscillator Pulse by Pulse Current Limiting Latched Overcurrent Comparator with Full Cycle Restart Programmable Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO) Adjustable.

UCC39412D : Switching DC/DC Converters, Integrated Switch. ti UCC39412, Low Power Synchronous Boost Converter.

UPC1094 : Switching Regulator Control Circuit For 500 KHZ Operation.

TPS65020 : Power Management IC for Li-Ion Powered Systems The TPS65020 is an integrated Power Management IC for applications powered by one Li-Ion or Li-Polymer cell, and which require multiple power rails. The TPS65020 provides three highly efficient, step-down converters targeted at providing the core voltage, peripheral, I/O and memory rails in a processor.

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